Fanuc G10 G-Code for CNC Machine Programmable Offset Setting

Today’s post will explain the functionality of Fanuc G10 G-code. Fanuc G10 cnc G-code is used for programmable offset setting. Let me explain the programmable offset setting first. (sometimes we call it “Offset Setting” and sometime “Offsetting”)

Fanuc G10 G-Code for Programmable Offset Setting

Fanuc G10 G-Code for Programmable Offset Setting

Programmable Offset Setting

On almost all cnc machine controls the tool offset setting and cnc machine zero offset setting ( workshift value, shift value, machine zero offset value) are given on separate pages. But these cnc controls also allow the cnc programmer to add offset values through cnc program. On Fanuc cnc controls we can use G10 (Programmable Offset Setting), On Sinumerik 840D we can use Sinumerik 840D system variables to access and update the offset settings.

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Fanuc G10 Programmable Offset Setting

On a cnc lathe machine we do two types of offset setting. Tool Offset Setting and Workshift Setting. With G10 we can do both functions.

Workshift Value Setting or Machine Zero Offset Setting with Fanuc G10

This version of Fanuc G10 is used to set the workshift value. P00 means that we want to set the workshift value. The x-axis value is normally set to 0, the value for z-axis is the distance from the machine zero point to workpiece zero point (this distance is called workshift value or zero offset).

N10 G10 P00 X0 Z200

Tool Wear with Fanuc G10

This version of the Fanuc G10 code is a bit tricky, the value with P is the tool for which we want to make changes. This G10 code adds the given value to the tool wear offset .

N10 G10 P1 U0.02 W0.02

Tool Offset Setting or Tool Geometry Offsetting with Fanuc G10

This version of G10 sets the Tool Offset Setting. If you want to set the tool offset setting value for tool number 8 then you will add 10000 and the value will be (10000 + 8 = 10008), now put that value with P. For G10 x and z values put the tool value in x and z.

N10 G10 P10001 X95 Z54

Note:- When G10 code block is run it overwrites or changes the previous values which are in Offset Geometry , Workshift Value pages! so take care.