How to add new tool

There are variety of cnc machines in the market, and almost every cnc machine in a cnc workshop has different kind of cnc machine controls if controls are not different they might have different versions of the same cnc machine control. As the operating of different cnc machines controls is very much different from one another the same way Tool Offsetting is very much different. Here I will discuss the cnc tool measurement on Fanuc.

Tool Measurement on EltroPilot (EPM)

CNC machine Gildemeister FMS-5 comes with EPM cnc machine control. This cnc machine has no built in tool-measurement mechanism, So there is a separate tool-measurement machine. The sole purpose of the tool-measurement machine is to measure tools tied in tool-holders. The tool-measurement machine I work on has two distinct tool posts for different sizes of tool-holders one is for 40mm tool-holder and the other is for 50mm tool-holders. The tool-measurement machine gives us the values from the tool cutting point to the tool holder center point in X-axis and for Z-axis measurement it adds the tool-holder width to the width of the tool. Now I bring these values to the cnc machine and there is another little computation procedure here, the FMS-5 calculates the tool-offset from the center of tool-turret in X-axis so I just add the value from the tool-turret center to the center of the hole where I tie up the tool, this value is given in the machine manual which is 180mm, So I just add the 180mm to the value I got from the tool-measurement machine, for Z-axis no special computation is required I just enter the same value I got from the tool-measurement machine, The values are entered inside cnc program under G92 which is called tool-file on this machine, Now I just tie up the tool to the tool turret and everything is done.

Tool Measurement on Sinumerik 840D

The simumerik840D tool-measurement procedure is not that much different from the EPM tool-measurement procedure. I just measure the tool from the tool-measurement machine. The sinumerik840D tool measurement for X-axis is counted from the center of the tool-holder hole, So no extra computation is required, I just enter the measured values for the x-axis and z-axis in the tool-parameter page. Now the tool can be easily used.