CNC Tool Presetter and CNC Tool Measuring an Introduction

CNC machines provide the accuracy, wherever you will see cnc machine you will see mass productions, accurate components, and machining of very difficult and innovative type of components. In almost every cnc machine workshop two practices or demands are common

  • Accurate components
  • Less setup time

On a cnc machine accuracy is very much dependent on CNC Machine Tool Measurements.
To achieve accurate tool measurements a cnc machine workshop must have a CNC Tool Presetter.

CNC Machine Tool Measurements

To achieve higher accuracy rate and less cnc machine set-up-time, every cnc machine tool is and must be measured before it’s usage. The more accurate the method of tool measurement will be the lesser the set up time will be.
So an accurate and reliable tool measurement system is a must have to decrease the cnc machine set-up time.

CNC Machine Built-In Tool Measurement Systems Or CNC Machine Internal Measuring Devices

CNC Machine Internal Measuring Devices

CNC Machine Internal Measuring Devices

Some cnc machines have built-in tool measurement systems. CNC machine built-in tool-measurement-system is the most reliable and accurate way to measure the tool, because the tool is first tightened in the machine and then measured with cnc machine built-in tool measuring device.

CNC Tool Presetters

Most of the cnc machines have no built-in tool measurement mechanism, So to measure cnc machine tools external tool measuring devices are used. These tool measuring devices are called Tool Presetters or Tool Presetting Devices.

CNC Tool Presetter

CNC Tool Presetter

A cnc tool presetter is a highly accurate device which is used to measure the cnc machine tools. A tool presetter makes the cnc machinist life very easy, now he just have to tighten the tool in tool holder, and after this he takes the tool measurements from the tool presetter and just put them straight in cnc machine tool geometry.

Nowadays very versatile cnc tool presetters are available in the market. For a cnc machine workshop a highly accurate tool presetter is a must have and worth investment.

CNC Tool Presetter

CNC Tool Presetter

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