Haas Setup and Run Modes

Haas Setup and Run Modes are  key-switch additions to Haas control that offers an extra layer of safety and functionality.
Introduced in their 2011 line of machines, most operators had to learn a new addition to a familiar control.

Haas Setup and Run Modes

Haas Setup and Run Modes

Haas cnc machines are equipped with locks on the operator doors, and a key switch on the side of the control pendant to lock and unlock Setup Mode.
Generally, Setup Mode lock/unlock status affects how the machine operates when the doors are opened.

Short summary of Haas Run and Setup Mode

Run Mode

  • Does everything, but the doors have to stay closed.

Setup Mode

  • Rapids 25% max
  • Spindle 750 RPM max
  • Must hold “Cycle Start” to run the machine with the doors open

Haas Run Mode

Setup mode should be locked out (the keys-witch in the vertical, locked position) at most times.
In locked mode, the enclosure doors are locked closed during the execution of a CNC program, spindle rotation or axis movement.
The doors automatically unlock when the machine is not in cycle. Most machine functions are unavailable with the door open.

Haas Setup Mode

When unlocked, setup mode allows a skilled machinist more access to the machine to set up jobs.
In this mode, machine behavior is dependent on whether the doors are opened or closed.
With the door closed in setup mode, opening the doors will stop motion and reduce spindle speed.
The machine will allow several functions in setup mode with the doors opened, usually at reduced speed.