CNC Machine Workshop Tips for Hot Summer

Summer is here and are you and your cnc machine workshop is ready?. Summer is not  a problem in countries where temperature in summer is maximum 25°C to 30°C, but what about hot weather countries. The highest summer temperature in such countries is 48°C to 52°C, and average summer temperature is 38°C to 42°C at day time.

So that is too high temperature for a cnc machine. For a CNC machine recommended average temperature is 25°C. No doubt the high temperature affects the cnc machine performance and working.

CNC Machine Workshop Tips for Hot Summer

CNC Machine Workshop Tips for Hot Summer

If cnc machine workshop temperature goes too high the cnc machine might stop working. CNC machine control might stop responding.

And the worst problem of high workshop temperature comes into cnc machines which have lot of Hydraulic oil working like cnc machines with Hydraulic Turret, Hydraulic Chuck, Hydraulic Tail Stock. If the Hydraulic oil gets hot the machine working will surely suffer. (this must be clear here that I am not saying that cnc machines with lot of hydraulic working is not good, I personally like such machine because such cnc machine are long lasting and give high performance for a long time, and long continuous working is not a problem for them, but only if they are kept in recommended working environment.)

So it is Recommended and it must be ensured to increase cnc machine life and performance, that the recommended cnc machine workshop temperature be maintained.

But there are ways to maintain the cnc workshop temperature.

The simplest and most cheap one is to make a customized tank to cool hydraulic oil. All such cnc machines which come with hydraulic chucking, hydraulic turrets have an inbuilt hydraulic oil cooling system, but that is inadequate for the hot countries. So it is better that some kind of bigger hydraulic oil cooling tanks are attached to the cnc machine.

The other and most used and highly recommended way is to build an Air Conditioned Enclosure for CNC machines. Because the above stated method might cool the machine but not the cnc control, but an air conditioned enclosure keeps all the cnc machine in a controlled temperature. This way neither the cnc machine and nor the cnc machine control will get hot.

So if you are serious about your cnc machine life and cnc machine working then you will have to provide an environment for cnc machines which is adequate according to you country conditions.