Haas M89 Through-Spindle Coolant Off – Haas Mill

Haas M89 Through-Spindle Coolant Off

M89 is used to turn off the Through the Spindle Coolant (TSC) option. When M89 is called, the spindle will stop and the TSC pump will shut off. Turns on purge for the amount of time specified in parameter 237 then turns off purge.

Haas cnc through-spindle coolant system (TSC)


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Haas Setting 32 Coolant Override
This setting controls how the coolant pump operates. The “Normal” selection allows the operator to turn the pump on and off manually or with M-codes. The “Off” selection will generate an alarm if an attempt is made to turn the coolant on manually or from a program. The “Ignore” selection will ignore all programmed coolant commands, but the pump can be turned on manually. (Haas Setting 32)