GE Series Fanuc 0-TC G Codes M Codes – EMCO WinNC

EMCO WinNC GE Series Fanuc 0-TC programming G codes / M codes complete lists.

EMCO Concept Turn 105

G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Positioning (rapid traverse)
G01Linear interpolation (feed)
G02Circular interpolation clockwise
G03Circular interpolation counterclockwise
G7.1Cylindrical Interpolaton
G10Data setting
G11Data setting Off
G12.1Polar Coordinate Interpolation ON
G13.1Polar Coordinate Interpolation OFF
G17Plane selection XY
G18Plane selection ZX
G19Plane selection YZ
G20Longitudinal turning cycle
G21Thread cutting cycle
G24Face turning cycle
G28Return to reference point
G33Thread cutting
G40Cancel cutter radius compensation
G41Cutter radius compensation left
G42Cutter radius compensation right
G70Inch data input
G71Metric data input
G72Finishing cycle
G73Stock removal in turning
G74Stock removal in facing
G75Pattern repeating
G76Deep hole drilling, cut-in cycle in Z
G77Cut-in cycle in X
G78Multiple threading cycle
G80Cancel cycles (G83 up to G85)
G83Drilling cycle
G84Tapping cycle
G85Reaming cycle
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G92Coordinate system setting, spindle speed limit
G94Feed per minute
G95Feed per revolution
G96Constant cutting speed
G97Direct spindle speed programming
G98Return to initial plane
G99Return to withdrawal plane

M Codes

M CodeDescription
M0Programmed stop
M1Progammed stop. conditional
M2Program end
M3Spindle ON clockwise
M4Spindle ON counterclockwise
M5Spindle OFF
M8Coolant ON
M9Coolant OFF
M13Driven tools ON clockwise
M14Driven tools ON counterclockwise
M23Collecting tray BACKWARD
M24Collecting tray FORWARD
M25Clamping device OPEN
M26Clamping device CLOSE
M30Main program end
M32Program end for loading operation
M52Round axis operation (C-axis ON)
M53Spindle operation (C-axis OFF)
M57Spindle oscillate ON
M58Spindle oscillate OFF
M67Bar feed / loading magazine feed ON
M68Bar feed / loading magazine feed OFF
M69Bar change
M71Blow-out ON
M72Blow-out OFF
M90Manual clamping chuck
M91Tensile clamping device
M92Pressure clamping device
M93Final position monitoring OFF
M94Bar feed / loading magazine activate
M95Bar feed / loading magazine deactivate
M98Subroutine call
M99Subroutine end, jump command


Oprogram number 1 to 9499 for part programs and subroutines
Nblock number 1 to 9999
Gpath function
X, Zposition data in absolute values (X also dwell time)
U, Wposition data in incremental values (U also dwell time)
Rradius, taper value, cycle parameter
I, Kcircle parameter
Ffeed rate, thread pitch
Sspindle speed, cutting speed
Ttool call (tool correction)
Mmiscellaneous function
Pdwell, subprogram call, cycle parameter
Qcycle parameter
;block end