GTCNC-60TT G Codes M Codes

GTCNC-60TT G Codes M Codes

GREAT-60TT or GTCNC-60TT G Codes M Codes for CNC Lathe.

GTCNC-60TT G Codes M Codes Programming

G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Rapid motion
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation CW
G03Circular interpolation CCW
G33Thread cutting
G20Inch format input
G21Metric format input
G28X, Z axis return to the first reference point
G281X axis return to the first reference point
G283Z axis return to the first reference point
G26ZX axis return to program original point
G261X axis return to program original point
G263Z axis return to program original point
G40tool radius compensation cancel
G41Cutter radius compensation, left
G42Cutter radius compensation, right
G60Accurate positioning
G64Continual path processing
G77Cylindrical/conical in/ex diameter cutting canned cycle
G78Thread cutting canned cycle
G79End face cutting canned cycle
G70Finish turning cycle
G71Cylindrical rough turning multi-cycle
G72End face rough turning multi-cycle
G173Multiple mode contour rough turning multi-cycle
G174End face pick drilling multi-cycle
G175Interior/exterior diameter drilling/grooving multi-cycle
G176Thread cutting multi-cycle
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G52Set local coordinates
G94Feed per minute mode
G95Feed per revolution mode
G96Constant surface speed control
G97Constant surface speed control cancel
G22Program recycle
G800Program recycle cancel

M Codes

M CodeDescription
M00Program pause.
M02Program end.
M30Program end.
M20Program end, repeated executes program according to running times set in parameter, applied to test CNC
M03Spindle CW
M04Spindle CCW
M05Spindle stop
M08Cooling on
M09Cooling off
M10Chuck clamping
M11Chuck unclamping
M55Center tightening
M54Center release
M23Lubricate on
M22Lubricate off
M25Self-defined 1 on
M24Self-defined 1 off
M71Self-defined 2 on
M70Self-defined 2 off
M73Self-defined 3 on
M72Self-defined 3 off
M75Self-defined 4 on
M74Self-defined 4 off
M77Self-defined 5 on
M76Self-defined 5 off
M79Self-defined 6 on
M78Self-defined 6 off
M81Self-defined 7 on
M80Self-defined 7 off
M83Self-defined 8 on
M82Self-defined 8 off
M12Check 0V valid
M13Check +24V valid
M18Check 0V valid
M19Check +24V valid
M28Check 0V valid
M29Check +24V valid
M14Check 0V valid skip
M15Check +24V valid skip
M16Check 0V valid skip
M17Check +24V valid skip
M99Calling return
M411st grade
M422nd grade
M433rd grade
M444th grade
M317Clear X-axis of Machine coordinates
M319Clear Z-axis of Machine coordinates
M320Clear both X and Z-axis of Machine coordinates