Sodick Wire EDM G Codes M Codes

Complete G Codes M Codes lists for Sodick Wire EDM with Mark 25 Mark 21 CNC controls.

Sodick CNC Wire Cutting EDM Machine Control MARK 25

List of G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Rapid Motion (appears as a dotted line in graphics)
G01Straight Line Cutting Motion
G02Circular Cutting Motion – Clockwise (CW)
G03Circular Cutting Motion – Counterclockwise (CCW)
G04Dwell (ex: G04 x5.0 to dwell for 5 seconds at sharp corner only)
G05X Axis Mirror image (turns CRT readout red when on)
G06Y Axis Mirror Image (turns CRT readout red when on)
G08X-Y Exchange (turns x,y,u,v, to lower case letters when on)
G09Cancel G05, G06, G08
G11Block Skip On (activates slash code, /, in NC program)
G12Block Skip Off
G13AWT REF=1 Wire break recovery with C888 discharge
G14AWT REF=0 Wire break recovery turned off
G15AWT REF=2 Wire break recovery without C888 discharge
G20Inch Mode
G21Metric Mode
G22Soft Limit On
G23Soft Limit Off
G26Pattern Rotation On (ex: G26 RA45.0)
G27Pattern Rotation Off
G28Return To G29 Reference Point
G29Reference Point Memory (for auto wire threader)
G30Return To The Last G92 Location
G40Wire Radius Compensation Cancel
G41Wire Radius Compensation Left
G42Wire Radius Compensation Right
G50Taper Cancel
G51Taper Left
G52Taper Right
G54Work Coordinate System Number 0
G55Work Coordinate System Number 1
G56Work Coordinate System Number 2
G57Work Coordinate System Number 3
G58Work Coordinate System Number 4
G59Work Coordinate System Number 5
G744 Axis On
G754 Axis Off
G80Sensor touch
G81Move To Limits
G82Move To Half Of Axis Display
G83Read Current Position and Store To An H Register
G90Set Absolute Mode
G91Set Incremental Mode
G92Assign Values to Axis Displays In Current Work Coordinate
G97Assign Values to Axis Displays In ALL Work Coordinates
G104Dwell At All Sharp Corners (ex: G104 X5.0)
G105Cancel G104 code
G1404Axis Offset Off
G1414Axis Offset Left
G1424Axis Offset Right
G154 TO G159Work Coordinate Screen 10 to 15
G254 TO G259Work Coordinate Screen 20 to 25
G354 TO G359Work Coordinate Screen 30 to 35
G454 TO G459Work Coordinate Screen 40 to 45
G554 TO G559Work Coordinate Screen 50 to 55
G654 TO G659Work Coordinate Screen 60 to 65
G754 TO G759Work Coordinate Screen 70 to 75
G854 TO G859Work Coordinate Screen 80 to 85
G954 TO G959Work Coordinate Screen 90 to 95
FLAG2D0M01 code off
FLAG2D1M01 code on
FLAG3Dscale factor input

List of M Codes

M CodeDescription
M00Program Stop
M01Optional Stop
M02End Of Program
M03AWT Jump
M05Sensor Touch Off
M06Disable EDM Power During Movement.
M33Rotate Wire Tip Disposal Arm Forward. Use to remove the wire tip container.
M43Rotate Wire Tip Disposal Arm Back.
M98Jump to a Sub-Routine from the main program.
M99Return from a Sub-Routine to the main program.

List of T Codes

T CodeDescription
T80Wire Drive On
T81Wire Drive Off
T82Worktank Drain Closed
T83Worktank Drain Open
T84High Pressure Flushing Mode On (high flush)
T85High Pressure Flushing Mode Off (low flush)
T86Flushing Pump On
T87Flushing Pump Off
T89Switch To Non-Submersed Machining
T90Cut Wire By Auto Wire Threader Sequence One
T91Thread Wire By Auto Wire Threader Sequence Two
T94Switch To Submersed Machining
T96Worktank Fill Pump On
T97Worktank Fill Pump Off