Mazak G Codes (T Series)

Mazak G code list for cnc machinists who work on Mazak INTEGREX 300/400-III/III T/IIIS/IIIST cnc machines.

MAZAK Integrex 400 III ST

Mazak G Codes

G CodeFunction
G01Linear interpolation
G01.1Threading with C-axis interpolation
G02Circular interpolation (CW)
G03Circular interpolation (CCW)
G02.1Spiral interpolation (CW)
G03.1Spiral interpolation (CCW)
G05High-speed machining mode
G06.1Fine spline interpolation
G06.2NURBS interpolation
G07Virtual-axis interpolation
G07.1Cylindrical interpolation
G09Exact-stop check
G10Data setting mode ON
G10.1Command address OFF
G11Data setting mode OFF
G12.1Polar coordinate interpolation ON
G13.1Polar coordinate interpolation OFF
G17X-Y plane selection
G18Z-X plane selection
G19Y-Z plane selection
G20Inch command
G21Metric command
G22Pre-move stroke check ON
G23Pre-move stroke check OFF
G27Reference point check
G28Reference point return
G29Return from reference point
G30Return to 2nd, 3rd and 4th reference points
G31Skip function
G31.1Multi-step skip 1
G31.2Multi-step skip 2
G31.3Multi-step skip 3
G32Thread cutting (straight, taper)
G34Variable lead thread cutting
G234.1Hole machining pattern cycle (on a circle)
G235Hole machining pattern cycle (on a line)
G236Hole machining pattern cycle (on an arc)
G237.1Hole machining pattern cycle (on a grid)
G40Nose R/Tool radius compensation OFF
G41Nose R/Tool radius compensation (left)
G41.23-D tool radius compensation (left)
G42Nose R/Tool radius compensation (right)
G42.23-D tool radius compensation (right)
G43.4Tool tip point control (Type 1) ON
G43.5Tool tip point control (Type 2) ON
G50Coordinate system setting/Spindle clamp speed setting
G50.2Polygonal machining mode OFF
G51.2Polygonal machining mode ON
G52Local coordinate system setting
G52.5MAZATROL coordinate system cancel
G53Machine coordinate system selection
G53.5MAZATROL coordinate system selection
G54Selection of workpiece coordinate system 1
G55Selection of workpiece coordinate system 2
G56Selection of workpiece coordinate system 3
G57Selection of workpiece coordinate system 4
G58Selection of workpiece coordinate system 5
G59Selection of workpiece coordinate system 6
G54.1Additional workpiece coordinate systems
G60One-way positioning
G61Exact stop mode
G61.1High-accuracy mode (Geometry compensation)
G62Automatic corner override
G63Tapping mode
G64Cutting mode
G65User macro single call
G66User macro modal call A
G66.1User macro modal call B
G67User macro modal call OFF
G68.53-D coordinate conversion ON
G69.53-D coordinate conversion OFF
G70Finishing cycle
G71Longitudinal roughing cycle
G72Transverse roughing cycle
G73Contour-parallel roughing cycle
G74Longitudinal cut-off cycle
G75Transverse cut-off cycle
G76Compound thread-cutting cycle
G80Fixed cycle OFF
G83Front driling cycle
G84Front tapping cycle
G84.2Front synchronous tapping cycle
G85Front boring cycle
G87Outside driling cycle
G88Outside tapping cycle
G88.2Outside synchronous tapping cycle
G89Outside boring cycle
G90Fixed cycle A (Longitudinal turning cycle)
G92Threading cycle
G94Fixed cycle B (Transverse turning cycle)
G93Inverse time feed
G96Constant peripheral speed control ON
G97Constant peripheral speed control OFF
G98Feed per minute (asynchronous)
G99Feed per revolution (synchronous)
G109Single program multi-system control
G110Cross machining control ON
G111Cross machining control OFF
G112M, S, T, B output to opposite system
G113Hob milling mode OFF
G114.3Hob milling mode ON
G122Polar coordinate input ON
G123Polar coordinate input OFF
G122.1X-axis radial command ON
G123.1X-axis radial command OFF
—G130Tornado cycle
G136Measurement macro, workpiece/coordinate measurement
G137Compensation macro