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EMCO WinNC gives cnc machinists/programmers/students the opportunity to install multiple cnc controls software on a single PC/laptop, so they can get trained on all CNC industry controls that are common on the market.
Up to nine different cnc controls can be installed on one single pc/laptop e.g.

  • Sinumerik
  • Fanuc
  • Fagor
  • Heidenhain

CNC machinists/programmers can easily download software/manuals from EMCO website for these cnc controls, all links are given below.

Emco WinNC Software


The Sinumerik Operate is part of the changeable control WinNC.
ShopTurn & ShopMill work-step programming
ProgramGUIDE: G code programming, combined with cycle support
DIN/ISO & SINUMERIK high-level language, maximum freedom of programming
Context-sensitive help


Software / Manuals
Download Sinumerik operate software and manuals


The Sinumerik 810D/840D is part of the changeable control WinNC.
Sinumerik cnc controls are one of the industry leading cnc machine controls.

Sinumerik 840D

Software / Manuals
Download Sinumerik 840D/810D software and manuals

Heidenhain 426

The Heidenhain TNC 426/430 is part of the interchangeable control WinNC.

Heidenhain 426

Software / Manuals
Download Heidenhain 426 software and manuals

FAGOR 8055

The Fagor 8055 is part of the interchangeable control WinNC.

Fagor 8055

Software / Manuals
Download FAGOR 8055 software and manuals

Fanuc Series 21

The GE Fanuc Series 21 is part of the interchangeable control WinNC.
Fanuc is no doubt the most used and understood cnc machine controls in manufacturing industry.

Ge Fanuc series 21

Software / Manuals
Download Fanuc Series 21 software and manuals

Fanuc Series 0

The GE Fanuc Series 0 is part of the interchangeable control WinNC.

Ge Fanuc series 0

Software / Manuals
Download Fanuc Series 0 software and manuals


The EMCO EASY CYCLE is a part of the EMCO training strategy. The EMCO EASY CYCLE is suitable for certain conventional turning and milling machines and for EMCO Concept TURN and MILL machines. Previous knowledge in ISO programming is not necessary.
With an interactive contour programming it is possible to define work piece outlines with linear and circular contour elements.

Emco Easy Cycle

Software / Manuals
Download EMCO EASY CYCLE software and manuals


3D graphic simulation with collision control; for turning and milling
Win3D-View is a 3D simulation for turning and milling and is available as an option in addition to the WinNC Control. Graphic simulations of CNC controls are designed especially for industrial experience. Win3D-View displays exceed industry standards. Tools, blanks, clamping devices, and work processes are highly realistic.
The system checks the programmed travel of the tool to prevent collision with clamping devices and blanks. If there is a conflict, a warning is given so that manufacturing processes can be understood and controlled from the very beginning. That’s the aim of Win3D-View: Visualizing, supporting and avoiding costly collisions.


Software / Manuals
Download WIN3D-VIEW software and manuals


Remote control of a machine via a software protocol
The DNC-Interface (Distributed Numerical Control) allowes a remote control of the control software (WinNC) via a software-protocol.
The DNC interface creates a connection between a superordinate computer (production master computer, FMS-computer, DNC-host computer etc.) and the control computer of an NC machine. After activation of the DNC operation the DNC computer (Master) takes over the control of the NC machine (Client). The entire production control is completely assumed by the DNC computer. The automation devices such as doors, clamping chuck (collet), sleeve, coolant etc. can be controlled by the DNC computer. The actual status of the NC machine is displayed on the DNC computer.

Emco DNC

Software / Manuals
Download EMCO DNC software and manuals