CNC Miscellaneous Function Code M01 Optional Stop

CNC M01 M-Code or Miscellaneous Function is an M01 Optional Stop or a Conditional Program Stop.

In short cnc program processing will stop with M01 optional stop, if cnc machine operator have pushed the Optional Stop Push Button or Switched the  Optional Stop Toggle Switch to ON state,

And if the Optional Stop Push Button or Optional Stop Toggle Switch is in OFF state then the cnc program will continue processing without any stop.

The Optional Stop Button is located on the cnc machine control panel.

M01 Optional Stop M-code is very similar to M00 M-code, both M00 and M01 stops cnc program processing

Both M01 and M00 CNC M-Code stops following cnc functions.

CNC Miscellaneous Function Code M01 Optional Program Stop

CNC Miscellaneous Function Code M01 Optional Program Stop

  • Motion of all axes
  • Rotation of the spindle
  • Coolant function
  • Further program execution

In case there is no M01 function programmed, the setting of the Optional Stop switch is irrelevant.

The further processing of the program can only be reactivated by the Cycle Start key.

Where to use M01 Optional Stop Miscellaneous Function

The optional stop is very useful, when you want to stop the cnc machine to measure the part or to observe the tool insert.
A good idea is to program the M01 function at the end of each tool.
If you want the cnc program processing continue without stopping, the Optional Stop switch should be set to OFF and no production time is lost.
If there is a need to stop the program temporarily at the end of a tool, the switch should be set to ON and the processing stops at the end of the tool.