Anilam CNC Program Comments

Comments in Anilam Programs

In Anilam CNC programmer can use an asterisk (*) to make comments within a Program Listing or to mask all or part of a block from the CNC.
When an asterisk is placed before a string of text, the CNC ignores all the text to the right.

Program Examples

Example 1

*N20 G1 X5 Z6
N30 …

CNC ignores the entire block. The next block is executed.

Example 2

N20 G1 *X5 Z6
N21 …

CNC activates Linear Interpolation (G1). Then, programmed move to X5 Z6 is ignored.
The next block is executed.

Example 3

N10 G70 G90 G0 X0 Z0 T0

Block N20 activates Tool #1. The comment contains the type of tool used.