Taper Threading with G92 Threading Cycle

Threading is part of almost every component that we machine on a cnc machine.

Taper Threading with G92 Threading Cycle

Taper Threading with G92 Threading Cycle

There are multiple G-Codes for threading G32, G33, G76, G92.

You can cut tapered threads with G76 threading cycle read this G76 Tapered Threading.

G92 Threading Cycle Format

G92 X.. Z.. F..

X = Current diameter of the thread pass
Z = End position of the thread in Z-axis
F = Threading feedrate in in/rev (Thread Pitch)

G92 is briefly explained here G92 Threading Cycle.

G92 Threading Cycle Format for Taper Threading

G92 X.. Z.. R.. F..


G92 X.. Z.. I.. F..

The R or I parameter in G92 threading cycle is the tapered value. Note that R or I is given as Radius value.

On some controls there is no ‘R’ value for taper but you will use ‘I’ value for taper in G92 threading cycle.

G92 Taper Threading Cycle Example

N10 T303
N20 G97 S450 M03
N30 G00 X90. Z25.4 M08
N40 G92 X74.996 Z-70. I-3.051 F3.175
N50 X74.601
N60 X74.206
N70 X73.811
N80 X73.416
N90 X73.316
N100 G00 Z25.

As you can see the above cnc programming example uses I value to specify the taper in the G92 threading cycle.