Taper Threading with G32 a CNC Programming Example

G32 is used for thread cutting, but with G32 we can just make a single threading cut. This all mean that you yourself have to do all the work of threading tool positioning.

For brief introduction of G32, G33 read CNC Fanuc G33 G32 Threading G Code.

Thread Cutting Possibilities with  G32

  • Longitudinal thread.
  • Transverse thread.
  • Tapered thread.
  • Single and Multiple Start threads with a constant pitch.
  • Variable pitch and taper angles by Chaining thread cutting blocks.

For taper threading with G32 first take the tool to the start position.

Then make the thread cut with G32 and give the values of destination point in X, Z axis along with thread pitch F.

The Z value in the G32 thread cutting has the same meaning as the Z value in the G76 cycle or the G92 threading cycle. It represents the end position.

There are multiple possibilities of taper threading on cnc lathe machines.

Taperd threading with G76 threading cycle.

Taper Threading with G92 Threading Cycle.

CNC Programming Example G92 Taper Threading Cycle.

Taper Threading with G32

Taper Threading with G32 a CNC Programming Example

Taper Threading with G32 a CNC Programming Example

N10 G50 S800 T0100
N20 G97 S800 M03
N30 G00 X90.0 Z5.0
N40 X22.026
N50 G32 X49.562 Z-71.5 F3.0
N60 G00 X90.0
N70 Z5.0
N80 X21.052
N90 G32 X48.588 Z-71.5
N100 G00 X90.0
N110 Z5.0
N120 X150.0 Z150.0
N130 M30

Here are just two passes of taper threading in this cnc programming example, but you can repeat the thread passes as much you require.