Fagor 101/102 (S) G Codes M Codes

Fagor 101 / 101S / 102 / 102S programming G codes / M codes complete lists.

Rectificadora Danobat RT 1200 CNC with Fagor 102 S

Fagor 101/102 Introduction

The FAGOR 101/102 CNC may be integrated into the machine’s electrical cabinet and it gathers, in a single unit, all the most powerful and simple operating characteristics of a 1 or 2-axis CNC.
The FAGOR 101/102 CNC excels for being adaptable to multiple applications thanks to its 120 machine parameters. The flexibility and great managing capability of these CNCs make them ideal for a great variety of applications.


G Codes

G CodesDescription
G00 Rapid positioning
G01 Linear interpolation
G02 Clockwise circular interpolation
G03 Counter-clockwise circular interpolation
G04 Dwell
G05 Round corner
G07 Square corner
G25 Unconditional jump
G26 Jump if zero
G27 Jump if not zero
G28 Jump if less than zero
G29 Jump if equal or greater than zero
G33 Synchronization
G34 Axis X as infinite slave of another axis.
G45 Increment parts counter
G47 Feedback pulse inhibit Open the position loop of the axes.
G48 Cancel function G47 Close the position loop of the axes.
G51 to G60 Load zero offsets
G60 Load the dimensions of the punch.
G61 F not affected by “P18”
G62 Cancel function G61
G70 Inch programming
G71 Metric programming
G74 Home search
G75 Probing
G81 Batch programming
G84, G80 Rigid tapping
G90 Absolute programming
G91 Incremental programming
G92 Coordinate preset
G93 Modify acceleration ramp

M Codes

M CodesDescription
M00 Program stop
M01 Conditional stop of program
M02 End of program
M30 End of program with return to beginning
M03 Clockwise start of the spindle
M04 Counter-clodwise start of the spindle
M05 Spindle stop
M41,M42,M43,M44 Spindle range selection