Okuma Mill G and M Codes

Complete Okuma Mill G and M Codes list for cnc machinists who work on Okuma cnc milling machines.

Okuma Mill OSP-P200M

Okuma Mill OSP-P200M

Okuma Mill G Codes

G CodeDescription
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation – Helical cutting (CW)
G03Circular interpolation – Helical Cutting (CCW)
G09Exact stop
G10Cancel of G11
G11Parallel and rotational shift of coordinate system
G14Designation of axis name
G15Selection of work coordinate system (Modal)
G16Selection of work coordinate system (One-shot)
G17Plane selection: XY
G18Plane selection: ZX
G19Plane selection: YZ
G20Inch input confirmation
G21Metric input confirmation
G22Programmable stroke limit ON
G23Programmable stroke limit cancel
G30Positioning to home position
G31Skip function
G33Unfixed cycle for thread cutting
G37Cancel of G38
G38Air cut reduction mode ON
G39I, J, K commands and G39 ignored in the corner circular interpolation (with vector)
G40Cutter radius compensation (G41, G42) cancel
G41Cutter radius compensation, left
G42Cutter radius compensation, right
G433D offset (G44) cancel
G443D offset ON
G50Enlargement and reduction of geometry cancel
G51Enlargement and reduction of geometry “ON”
G53Tool length offset cancel
G54Tool length offset, X-axis
G55Tool length offset, Y-axis
G56Tool length offset, Z-axis
G57Tool length offset, 4th-axis
G58Tool length offset, 5th-axis
G59Tool length offset, 6th-axis
G60One-directional positioning
G61Exact stop mode ON
G62Programmable mirror image mode
G64Cutting mode ON
G68Slope coordinate OFF
G69Slope coordinate ON
G71Designation of return level for M53
G72Designation of pattern reference point (start position) for the coordinate calculation function
G73Fixed cycle, High speed drilling cycle
G74Fixed cycle, Reverse tapping cycle
G75Fixed cycle; Step & pick cycle
G76Fixed cycle, Fine boring
G79Fixed cycle; Variable pitch cycle
G80Fixed cycle, Modal cancel
G81Fixed cycle; Spot boring
G82Fixed cycle; Counter boring
G83Fixed cycle, Deep hole drilling cycle
G84Fixed cycle, Tapping cycle
G85Fixed cycle, Boring cycle
G86Fixed cycle, Boring cycle
G87Fixed cycle, Back boring cycle
G88Fixed cycle; Multi-step boring cycle
G89Fixed cycle, Boring cycle
G90Absolute dimensioning mode
G91Incremental dimensioning mode
G92Setting of work coordinate system
G93Inverse time feed
G94Feed per minute mode
G95Feed per revolution mode
G96Local coordinate system setting
G97Coordinate recalculation function
G100Cancel of macro MODIN mode selected by G101 to G110
G101-G110G code macro MODIN type
G111-G120G code macro CALL type
G130High-speed contouring control OFF
G131High-speed contouring control ON
G133Constant peripheral speed control OFF
G134Constant peripheral speed control ON
G137Contour machining mode OFF
G138Contour machining mode ON
G139G00 special linear interpolation OFF
G140G00 special linear interpolation ON
G141Tool grooving OFF
G142Tool grooving ON
G143Rotary axis position command (under rotary axis control by Super hi-NC)
G145Pattern reference point return mode
G146Pattern end point return mode
G147Machine coordinate system position command
G148Turning cut function OFF
G149Turning cut function ON
G150Auto acceleration/deceleration ON
G151Auto acceleration/deceleration cancel
G152Auto acceleration
G153Auto deceleration
G154Spindle path control OFF
G155Spindle path control ON
G159In-position check disabling command
G164Continuous circular movement stop command in turning cut
G165Continuous circular movement (CW) start command in turning cut
G166Continuous circular movement (CCW) start command in turning cut
G167Rotary table and spindle control OFF
G168Rotary table and spindle control ON
G169Tool length offset at cutting edge ON
G170Tool length offset at cutting edge and in axial direction cancel
G171Tool length offset in axial direction ON
G174Cylindrical side cutting “OFF”
G175Cylindrical side cutting “ON”
G176F, S codes ignore cancel
G177F, S codes ignore
G178Fixed thread cutting cycle in the 1st axis direction on a plane
G179Fixed thread cutting cycle in the 2nd axis direction on a plane
G180Attachment rotation offset cancel
G181Attachment rotation offset; Frontward
G182Attachment rotation offset; Leftward
G183Attachment rotation offset; Backward
G184Attachment rotation offset; Rightward
G185Attachment rotation offset; Downward
G186Tolerance control mode cancel
G187Tolerance control mode “ON”
G1882nd tool length offset cancel
G1892nd tool length offset ON
G192Fixed cycle; Upper surface detection cancel
G193Fixed cycle; Upper surface detection ON
G194Fixed cycle; Tool breakage detection cancel
G195Fixed cycle; Tool breakage detection ON
G260Spindle deflection compensation OFF
G261Spindle deflection compensation ON
G266Limit switch checked
G267Limit switch not checked
G272Fixed cycle; Deep hole tapping and reverse tapping
G273Fixed cycle; High-speed deep hole tapping and reverse tapping
G274Fixed cycle; Synchronized tapping, reverse tapping
G281Fixed cycle; Small diameter and deep hole drilling
G282Fixed cycle; Deep hole synchronized tapping
G283Fixed cycle; High-speed deep hole synchronized tapping
G284Fixed cycle; Synchronized tapping
G296G297 cancel
G297S command in C-axis mode (S command is regarded as the spindle position.)
G300G301 to G349 macro MODIN cancel (NC. P. B No. 34 bit 3:1)
G336I-MAP-A function; Fixed circle cutting cycle (CW)
G337I-MAP-A function; Fixed circle cutting cycle (CCW)
G501-G580G code macro changeable between MODIN and CALL

Okuma Mill M Codes

M CodeDescription
M00Program stop
M01Optional stop
M02End of program
M03Work spindle start (CW)
M04Work spindle start (CCW)
M05Spindle stop
M06Vertical spindle tool change
M07Oil mist coolant ON
M08Coolant pump ON
M09Coolant system OFF
M10A-axis clamp
M11A-axis unclamp
M12Chip air blow ON
M154th-axis rotary index table CW
M164th-axis rotary index table CCW
M17Indexing head index CCW
M19Spindle orientation (forward)
M20B-axis clamp
M21B-axis unclamp
M22Y-axis clamp
M23Y-axis unclamp
M24Z-axis clamp
M25Z-axis unclamp
M26C-axis clamp
M27C-axis unclamp
M30End of tape
M32Splash guard door close
M33Splash guard door open
M40High/middle-high/middle-low/low range
M41High/middle-high/middle-low range
M42High/middle-high range
M43High range
M44AAC (F) 1 Next attachment clear
M45AAC (F) 1 Preparation for attachment change preparation
M46AAC (F) 1 No next attachment
M47AAC (F) 1 No next attachment
M48AAC (T) Next attachment clear
M49AAC (T) Preparation for attachment change preparation
M50Through-the-tool coolant, low pressure ON
M51Through-the-tool coolant, high pressure ON
M52Return level in fixed cycle, Upper limit
M53Return level in fixed cycle, Specified level
M54Return level in fixed cycle, Point R level
M57W-axis clamp
M58W-axis unclamp
M59Chip air blow ON
M60Pallet change command
M62Vertical spindle tool change preparation
M63No next tool for ATC
M64Next tool return cycle
M65ATC preparation
M66Continuous tool change between the vertical and horizontal spindles (same tool)
M67Continuous tool change between the vertical and horizontal spindles (different tool)
M68Vertical spindle tool clamp
M69Vertical spindle tool unclamp
M70Manual tool change
M71Manual attachment tool change
M72Horizontal spindle tool change preparation
M73Swivel head, front position
M74Swivel head, left position
M75Swivel head, rear position
M76Swivel head, right position
M77Horizontal spindle tool change
M78Horizontal spindle tool clamp
M79Horizontal spindle tool unclamp
M81Automatic W-axis positioning 1
M82Automatic W-axis positioning 2
M83Automatic W-axis positioning 3
M84Automatic W-axis positioning 4
M85Automatic W-axis positioning 5
M87Oil mist/air blow ON
M87Oil mist/air blow ON
M88Dust collector ON
M89Dust collector OFF
M90Vertical spindle oil mist cycle mode ON
M91Tap-drill hole chip air blow cycle mode ON
M93Thru-spindle coolant at medium pressure/2nd coolant ON
M94Attachment indexing by forward rotation
M95Attachment indexing by reverse rotation
M98Horizontal spindle oil mist cycle mode ON
M101Pallet 1 selection
M102Pallet 2 selection
M103Pallet 3 selection
M104Pallet 4 selection
M105Pallet 5 selection
M106Pallet 6 selection
M107Pallet 7 selection
M108Pallet 8 selection
M109Pallet 9 selection
M110Pallet 10 selection
M111Pallet 11 selection
M112Pallet 12 selection
M1155th-axis rotary table CW
M1165th-axis rotary table CCW
M118Spindle orientation (reverse)
M119Spindle orientation (forward/reverse)
M120Work shower ON
M121Attachment air blow ON/Tool nose air blow ON
M127Touch probe ON
M130Spindle rotation condition for cutting feed OFF
M131Spindle rotation condition for cutting feed ON
M132Single block invalid
M133Single block valid
M134Spindle speed override invalid
M135Spindle speed override valid
M136Feedrate override invalid
M137Feedrate override valid
M138Dry run invalid
M139Dry run valid
M140Slide hold invalid
M141Slide hold valid
M142Spindle overload detection invalid
M143Spindle overload detection valid
M144Touch sensor advance
M145Touch sensor retract
M146Work air blow OFF
M147Work air blow ON
M148Work clamp (fixture 1)
M149Work unclamp (fixture 1)
M150Coolant group specification, Vertical spindle
M151Coolant group specification, Horizontal spindle
M152Coolant group specification, 3rd group
M153Coolant group specification, 4th group
M154Sensor air blow OFF
M155Sensor air blow ON
M157AAC (2 st.), No next tool
M158AAC (2 st.), Next tool clear
M159AAC (2 st.), Preparation for the next tool
M160PPC pallet loading
M161PPC pallet unloading
M163Long tool, No next tool
M165Long tool, Preparation for tool change
M166ATC active tool return mode specification
M170AAC (F), Attachment change
M171AAC (T), Attachment change
M172Long tool, Tool change command
M173AAC (2 st.), Attachment change command
M176Dust collection mode, Air blow
M177Angular attachment, Tool change
M178Dust collection mode, ON
M179Dust collection mode, OFF
M181External M signal
M182External M signal
M183External M signal
M184External M signal
M185External M signal
M186External M signal
M187External M signal
M188External M signal
M190Automatic W-axis positioning 1
M191Automatic W-axis positioning 2
M192Automatic W-axis positioning 3
M193Automatic W-axis positioning 4
M194Automatic W-axis positioning 5
M195Automatic W-axis positioning 6
M196Automatic W-axis positioning 7
M197Automatic W-axis positioning 8
M198Automatic W-axis positioning 9
M199Automatic W-axis positioning 10
M201-M220M code macro
M230Tool length offset direction; Used as it is
M231Tool length offset direction; Used after reversing the direction
M2323D tool length offset direction; Used as it is
M2333D tool length offset direction; Reversed and used
M234Synchronized tapping gear selection: Low, Middle low, Middle high, High
M235Synchronized tapping gear selection: Middle low, Middle high, High
M236Synchronized tapping gear selection: Middle high, High
M237Synchronized tapping gear selection: Middle high, High
M238Software override invalid
M239Software override valid
M278Chip conveyor OFF
M279Chip conveyor ON
M280Work counter count up
M281Work clamp (fixture 2)
M282Work unclamp (fixture 2)
M287Work clamp (fixture 3)
M288Work unclamp (fixture 3)
M289Pallet identification
M292Chamfering OFF
M293Chamfering ON
M294Fixed compound cycle; Cutting pattern 1
M295Fixed compound cycle; Cutting pattern 2
M296Fixed compound cycle; Cutting pattern 3
M297Thermal deformation amount transfer command
M300Ignoring Spindle rotation answer
M301Ignoring M code answer other than spindle rotation
M302M301 answer confirmation
M311Robot request 1
M312Robot request 2
M313Robot request 3
M314Robot request 4
M315U-axis connection OFF
M316U-axis connection ON
M317U-axis air blow OFF
M318U-axis air blow ON
M319Operation time transfer command (DNC-C)
M320Tailstock advance
M321Tailstock retract
M326Synchronized tapping monitor OFF
M327Synchronized tapping monitor ON
M328Spindle no-tool interlock valid
M329Spindle no-tool interlock invalid
M3316th rotary axis CW
M3326th rotary axis CCW
M339Thru-spindle air blow ON
M340Work seating monitor ON
M341Work seating monitor OFF
M342Work seating confirmation air ON
M343Work seating confirmation air OFF
M346B-axis rotation interlock valid
M347B-axis rotation interlock invalid
M351AT retraction to MG upper part (MCV-A II simplified 5-face MC)
M352Adaptor retraction to MG upper part (MCV-A II simplified 5-face MC)
M354Chip flusher OFF
M355Chip flusher ON
M356MG pot swing to tool change position
M368Mist collector OFF
M369Mist collector ON
M374Non-contact sensor; Laser OFF
M375Non-contact sensor; Laser ON
M378Coolant flow rate detection; Monitor mode ON
M379Coolant flow rate detection; Monitor mode OFF
M385Work clamp at low pressure (fixture 1)