Okuma M203 Turret Unclamp Command (NC turret)

Okuma M203 is one of the Operation Time Reduction Function.
Note: Use M203 with care.

Okuma M203 Turret Unclamp Command

The NC simultaneously unclamps the turret and causes axis travel on receiving the M203 command.
M203 command is effective only when it is specified with G00 in the same block.


G01 X200
G00 X220 Z300
G00 X500 Z800 M203 (Simultaneous movements of X-axis from 220 to 500 and Z-axis from 300 to 800.)
    X220 Z300 T020202

Note that if the M203 command is specified in the same block as G00 it unclamps the turret without regard to the present turret position.

Okuma M203 Turret Unclamp Command (NC turret)

Alarms Errors

If the M203 command is preceded by a cutting feed command (feed command other than G00) and the turret clamped condition is not confirmed, the alarm “A1730 Turret clamp or position code 3” will occur.