Selca CNC G13 G20 G21 G51 Program Example

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Selca CNC G13 G20 G21 G51 Program Example

CNC Program

[G13 Straight line, at a known angle,
[	through a point or tangent to a circle
[G20 Circle of known center and radius
[G21 Linking radius
[G51 Offset / rotation of the coordinate system on the plane

N2 $1M0X-131.I129.Y-61.5J104.
N3 G17
N4 O1
N5 T1
N6 F1000S1200M3
N7 Z100R
N8 X0Y95R
N9 Z2R
N10 Z-10
N11 G49I2.5
N12 G41K2
N13 L=1
N14 E1=G20X0Y0I-86.5
N15 E1 K2
N16 E2=G13X17.5Y0J-90,E1
N17 G13E2J-110
N18 G13X7J-90
N19 G21I10
N20 G13X0Y0I-30J-30
N21 G13J-90
N22 G21
N23 G13X0Y0I-7J-30
N24 E3=G13X0Y0I-17.5J-30,E1K2
N25 G13E3J-10
N26 G51J-120I
N27 L1K2
N28 E1K2
N29 G40X0Y95K2
N30 Z100R
N31 M30