NUM 1020/1040/1060T G-Codes

NUM 1020/1040/1060T G Code list for cnc machinists who work on cnc lathe machines with NUM cnc controls.

NUM 1040 CNC Control

NUM 1020/1040/1060T G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00High-speed linear interpolation
G01Linear interpolation at programmed feed rate
G02Clockwise circular interpolation at programmed feed rate
G03Counterclockwise circular interpolation at programmed feed rate
G04Programmable dwell
G05Movement on an inclined axis
G06Spline curve execution command
G07Initial tool positioning before machining on an inclined axis
G09Accurate stop at end of block before going to next block
G10Interruptible block
G12Overspeed by handwheel
G16Definition of tool axis orientation with addresses P, R
G20Programming in polar coordinates (X, Z, C)
G21Programming in cartesian coordinates (X, Y, Z)
G22Programming in cylindrical coordinates (X, Y, Z)
G23Circular interpolation defined by three points
G33Constant lead thread cutting
G38Sequenced thread cutting
G40Tool radius offset (cutter compensation) cancel
G41Left tool radius offset (cutter compensation)
G42Right tool radius offset (cutter compensation)
G48Spline curve definition
G49Spline curve deletion
G52Programming of movements in absoluted dimensions with reference to the measurement origin
G53DAT1 and DAT2 offset cancel
G54DAT1 and DAT2 offset enable
G59Programme origin offset
G63Roughing cycle with groove
G64Turn/Face roughing cycle
G65Groove roughing cycle
G66Plunging cycle
G70Inch data input
G71Metric data input
G73Scaling factor cancel
G74Scaling factor enable
G75Emergency retraction subroutine declaration
G76Transfer of the current values of «L» and «E» parameters into the part programme
G76+/-ISO programme or block creation/deletion
G77Unconditional branch to a subroutine or block sequence with return
G77 -iCall of a subroutine return block
G78Axis group synchronisation
G79Conditional or unconditional jump to a sequence without return
G79 +/-Temporary suspension of next block preparation in a sequence with movements
G80Canned cycle cancel
G81Centre drilling cycle
G82Counterboring cycle
G83Peck drilling cycle
G84Tapping cycle
G84Rigid tapping cycle
G85Boring cycle
G87Drilling cycle with chip breaking
G89Boring cycle with dwell at hole bottom
G90Programming in absolute dimensions with respect to the programme origin
G91Programming in incremental dimensions with respect to the start of the block
G92Programme origin preset
G92 R..Programming of the tangential feed rate
G92 S..Spindle speed limiting
G94Feed rate expressed in millimetres, inches or degrees per minute
G95Feed rate expressed in millimetres or inches per revolution
G96Constant surface speed expressed in metres per minute
G97Spindle speed expressed in revolutions per minute
G98Definition of the start X for interpolation on the C axis
G997Enabling and execution of all the functions stored in state G999
G998Enabling of execution of the blocks and part of the functions processed in state G999
G999Suspension of execution and forcing of block concatenation