NUM CNC control Errors List – NUM 1020/1040/1060

Complete Error codes listing for NUM CNC controls NUM 1000/1020/1040/1050/1060 T and G

NUM 1060 CNC control

NUM 1060 CNC control

NUM CNC control Errors

Miscellaneous Errors and Machine Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
1Unknown character / Axis not recognised by the system
Too many digits after a function
Presence of a sign after a function which does not allow signs
Truncated block signalled by ? via CLOSE in drip feed mode
2Unknown G function or a mandatory argument missing after the G
3Attribute of a G code wrongly positioned
4Option not enabled or option parameter conflict:
Structured programming, RTCP, synchronised axes, etc.
5Geometric option programming not enabled
6Polynomial interpolation option missing coefficient table full
7Error in programming movements parallel to inclined axes (grinder):
– Programming is not in plane G20
– Interpolation is not in G00 or G01
– X is not programmed after G05
– X and Z are not programmed after G07
8Tool correction number too high
9A sequence of too many non-working blocks – Endless Loop
10In PLC terminal access: Bus exchange error
11In PLC terminal access: Bus initialisation error or exchange inhibited
12In PLC terminal access: Rack parameter error
13In PLC terminal access: No such card
14Inclined plane option missing
PLC boundary access: channel missing
15Invalid line configuration
16Error in RTCP activation
17End of block in a comment – close bracket missing
18Servo error: P50 too small
20No M02 at the end of the programme
Blocks not made executable in a cycle called by a G function
21Blank definition incoherent in 3D mode
24Error in inclined plane declaration
– Function reactivated when already active
– Function argument declaration incomplete
– Pivot point axis does not exist or is not servo-controlled
– Incoherent value in one of the matrix terms
25Subroutine or sequence number does not exist
26Too many subroutine nesting levels
27Radius offset: In G52 machine origin programming / With taper threads
28Syntax error in CCSPD or index table radius definition
G96 must be followed by S / G97 must be followed by S / initial radius cannot be determined
X or U not programmed in this block or a previous block
29No range programmed for CCSPD / No range compatible with S in G97:
No range search option: S not included between min. and max. values of the range programmed
With range search option: S does not belong to any range
30Line error detected
31PPR or PPL mode impossible with the line protocol selected
32Homing error / Axis already on limit switch
33All slides on wait for synchronisation
34Minimum radius reached in G21 interpolation
35Sequence number not found in SEARCH
36Part programme memory full
37Max. feed rate exceeded for thread cutting (COMAND)
38Spindle already controlled by another axis group
39Axis synchronisation error (with axis synchronisation option)
40-49Excessive following error on axis 0 to 9
50-59Excessive following error on axis 10 to 19
60-69Excessive following error on axis 20 to 29
70 and 71Excessive following error on axis 30 and 31
72Incremental programming after an incomplete block (PGP)
75Switch from state G20 to G21 or G22:
last block in G20 incomplete as it is programmed in PGP or radius correction or with X £ 0
first block in G21 without X and Y or G22 without Y and Z
Switch from state G21 or G22 to G20: last block in G21 or G22 incomplete or first block in G20 in
mode G41 or G42: In G21 or G22, initial radius negative or zero
76In G21, programming of a fixed turning and milling cycle
77Tool type incompatible with the machining phase (milling or turning)
78Syntax error in programming slide synchronisation
G78 P: Maximum 4 digits, must be less than the number of slides
G78 Q: Maximum 4 digits
No M00, M01 or M02 with G78 P..

Parametric Programming Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
91Parameter No. not recognised
92Negative parameter assigned to a function which does not take a sign
Parameter value higher than the maximum value of the function to which it is assigned
93Error in parameter declaration or test expression:
L function not followed by symbols =,<,>, &, !
Association with a prohibited function by a linking character -, +, *, /.
94Operation prohibited in a parametric expression:
Square root of a negative number / Division by 0
95Attempt to write in an external input parameter or a read-only parameter
96The block preceding the external parameter declaration is incomplete
Programming of L100 … in a contour definition in G64
97Parameter update impossible in G76:
No symbol = after the parameter number
Less than 10 characters allocated for entry of the value
98Write by an axis group of a dynamic operation already used by another group
99Error related to the N/M AUTO function
– More than 5 N/M AUTO axes defined
– Non-servo-controlled axis defined as N/M AUTO
– Definition of an N/M AUTO axis of another group

Profile Geometry Programming (PGP) Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
101PGP: Insufficient data for programming a circle
Circle programmed on two parallel axes (with R / see Error 107)
102Line programmed by an angle and one coordinate with no way of calculating the other coordinate
106In G02, G03, programming of the third axis without helical option
107PGP: Circle programmed by its radius and end point, with the end point separated from the start
point by more than 2 * radius
Circle programmed by X, Z, I K with a start radius different from the end point (20 microns) /
Helical: dimension of 3rd axis missing
Circle programmed on two parallel axes (with I, J, K / see Error 101)
110PGP: Syntax error in the first of two blocks of a PGP entity
111PGP: Syntax error in the second block of a PGP entity
112PGP: Line/line intersection in which:
First block starting point = second block end point, or
First line angle = second line angle
113PGP: The values programmed in the two blocks do not allow determination of an intersection or
tangency point
114PGP: Intersection or tangency point not determined by ET+, ET-, ES+ or ES
121PGP: Syntax error in the last of the three blocks of a PGP entity
122PGP: The first two blocks are non-intersecting lines
123PGP: The data programmed in the three blocks do not allow determination of the tangent point
124PGP: Tangent point of the second and third blocks not specified by ET+ or ET
130Zero displacement in one of the two blocks connected by a fillet or a chamfer
131Fillet or chamfer programmed in a block including M0, M1 or M2
Programming insufficient in a sequence of blocks, not allowing determination of the end point
135A chamfer can only connect two straight lines
136More than two blocks without movement between two geometric elements whose intersection or
tangency point is to be calculated
137Change of interpolation plane with an invalid block

Miscellaneous Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
138Change of interpolation plane when not in G40 (FCU)
139Two carried parallel axes programmed in the same block outside G52 and outside G00
140Radius correction programming error:
Too many extraneous blocks between two consecutive paths
The following functions cannot be programmed when radius offset is active: M00, M01, M02,
access to external parameters, writing of parameters E8xxxx or L > 100
141Carried parallel axes: Programming of a circle whose start point was programmed with one axis
and whose end point was programmed with the associated parallel axis
143Scale factor cancelled or enabled with radius offset
144Movement of a quantified axis different from the increment
145G29: ABS VAL (P * P + Q * Q + R * R – 1000 mm) > 1 mm (normal vector not a unit vector
146Offset in space / G29
– At least one of dimensions P, Q or R missing
– At least one of dimensions X/U, Y/V or Z/W missing
148Number of axes programmed exceeds the maximum authorised number
149Tool radius too large with respect to programmed path

Axis Overtravel Errors

Request for Movements Outside the Machine Travel Limits

Error No.Meaning of the error
150Travel overrun on the X axis
151Travel overrun on the Y axis
152Travel overrun on the Z axis
153Travel overrun on the U axis
154Travel overrun on the V axis
155Travel overrun on the W axis
156Travel overrun on the A axis
157Travel overrun on the B axis
158Travel overrun on the C axis
159Request for programmed movement on an UN-HOMED axis

Structured Programming Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
190Too many branch or loop nesting levels (maximum 15)
191Non-compliance with the syntax in structured programming
structured programming prohibited in MDI mode
the index of a FOR loop must be: an L variable, a symbolic variable or a parameter E80000,
E81000 or E82000
non-compliance with the syntax of PUSH and PULL instructions
DO missing after WHILE
programming of IF, THEN, ELSE in MDI mode
192Keyword not recognised or prohibited in the context
193Structure error
195Programme stack saturated / Too many constants defined for the space allocated
196Error in array index declaration
197Use of a symbol not declared as VAR
198Syntax error in variable symbol declaration
199Incorrect variable declaration syntax

Axis Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
210 to 219Poor signal or pulse generator complementarity error on axis 0 to 9
220 to 229Poor signal or pulse generator complementarity error on axis 10 to 19
230 to 239Poor signal or pulse generator complementarity error on axis 20 to 29
240 and 241Poor signal or pulse generator complementarity error on axis 30 and 31
245Fault on digital servo-control

Errors in Pocket Cycles

Error No.Meaning of the error
260Working memory busy
261Programme number too high
262NU number not among those authorised
263Execution impossible – Test or Graphic mode mandatory after first load or after editing
264No dimension programmed in the contouring plane or dimension outside the plane
265First positioning block missing; contour definition must begin with G0 or G1
266Not enough memory
267Character not allowed in pocket syntax
268Pocket programming block incomplete or containing illegal data
269Contour block incomplete / Positioning block missing before pocket definition
270Pocket definition partly or completely missing
271Tool orientation not perpendicular to the contouring plane
272Real tool not compatible with pocket technological data
273Change of contouring plane between pocket definition and machining
274Two nested pocket definitions
275NU0 programmed with G59
276Zero pocket depth
277Pocket definition start point or end point coordinates incomplete
278The spindle rotation direction is incompatible with the one required in the pocket definition
279G function not allowed in a pocket programming block
280First contour block incomplete
281Discontinuity in one of the contours described
282Pocket definition parameter error(s)
283The external contour must be unique and must exist
284Error in contour definition
285Too many contours
286Pass setting excessive with respect to the tool diameter
287Pass setting insufficient with respect to the dimensions
288Finishing infeed in an acute angle or an unroughed area: change the infeed point
289Tool diameter excessive
290Internal error
291Finishing infeed outside the contour
292Double positioning at the start of the contour
293Roughing end point present during facing

Axes Not Identified on the Bus

Error No.Meaning of the error
300 to 309Axis 0 to 9 declared in P2 but not detected on the bus
310 to 319Axis 10 to 19 declared in P2 but not detected on the bus
320 to 329Axis 20 to 29 declared in P2 but not detected on the bus
330 and 331Axis 30 and 31 declared in P2 but not detected on the bus

Dynamic Operators in C

Error No.Meaning of the error
400Loading dyn. ops in C: The size of user code is too big
401Loading dyn. ops in C: Format error
402Loading dyn. ops in C: Checksum error
403The system has insufficient memory for dyn. ops in C
404Loading dyn. ops in C: Open error
405Loading dyn. ops in C: Read error
406Loading dyn. ops in C: Close error
407Loading dyn. ops in C:The directory is empty
410Dyn. ops in C: Number of parameters passed doesn’t tally
411Dyn. ops in C: USER ERROR from INIT: negative return
413Unrecognised dyn. ops in C
414Dyn. ops in C without MAIN
420Dyn. ops in C: USER ERROR from the QUIT function
421Dyn. ops in C: USER ERROR from the QUIT function: negative return
423Dyn. ops in C: Range of function in C not from [0..100]

Spline Curve Interpolation Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
600Curve number zero
601N.. N.. must be programmed
602No axes programmed in the first block of the contour
603Curve slope undefined
604Less than three blocks in the profile
605Curve number unknown

Errors in Numaform

Error No.Meaning of the error
700Options missing
701S.. missing at beginning of curve
702Number of S.. different in T1 & T2
703Minimum 2 occurrences of S in T1
704Undefined section (in T3)
705Plane switching outside S mark
706Spindle stopped
707Invalid E= function
708E=1 or E=2: Section positioning error
709T1 & T2 can’t have any points in common
710P, Q must be positive
711S different in T1 & T2
712Undetermined tool position
713Error: S=0 or T>3
730F= less than or equal to zero
731Intersection of concentric circles
732Intersection of parallel lines
733Limit cannot be a horizontal plane
740F = error

Cycle Programming Errors

Error No.Meaning of the error
830Positioning not completed
831Spindle stopped
832End point, P and K must be programmed
833Retraction clearance too small
834EB value: -90 < EB < +90
835The values of P, Q, R and K are absolute values
836The interpolation plane must be G81 or G20
837Bad value of F or S
862P or R and end point to be programmed
863End point incoherent with EA
864Milling tool prohibited in G66
871Finished profile limits not defined
872No dimensions in blank definition
873P or R not programmed
874Blank inconsistent with finished profile
875No intersection of EA with the profile
876Relief angle EB incorrectly defined
880Cycle axis unknown
881Parameter value not compatible
882Hole bottom dimension not programmed
883Pitch (I J K) or clearance (P) not programmed
884More than 9 thread starts
885Pocket incompatible with the plane selected
886Tool incompatible with the radius programmed
887Cut > tool diameter
888Dwell prohibited in this cycle
889Syntax error
890Tool orientation incompatible
891Return plane = bottom of hole
892Axial feed missing
893Lateral feed missing
894ER prohibited in G20
895G21,G22 prohibited in cycle
896Dimension incompatible with tool radius
897Length of oblong pocket < diameter
898Tool corrector missing
899Spindle not assigned to this group or spindle or group incompatible