Fanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle – CNC Lathe Side Drilling Fanuc 21i/18i/16i

G87 Radial Drilling Cycle

Fanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle activates the side radial drilling cycle with driven tools.

Fanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle works on FANUC SERIES 21i/18i/16i– TA and compatible cnc controls.

Example Fanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle Programming Example

Fanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle - CNC Lathe


G87 X F Q P R


XAbsolute value at end of drilling
FDrilling feed ( in mm/minute)
QDepth of cut (in thousandths)
PPause at bottom of hole ( in thousandths of seconds)
RIncremental distance from starting point of cycle to starting point of hole

Machining Sequence

WithFanuc G87 Radial Drilling Cycle the drill makes a series of pecks, of the required size, undercutting or breaking the chip and returning with a rapid traverse at the end of cycle to the starting point or to point R.

Cancel G87

To cancel G87 Radial Drilling Cycle use G80 or any G function of the 01 group, i.e. G0, G1, G2, or G3.

Related Parameters

G87 Radial Drilling Cycle can be used with chip breakage or undercutting, depending on the value of parameter 5101 bit
2 (if it is 0 chip breakage,
if it is 1 chip undercutting)
by default this bit is set to 1 for chip undercutting.

Parameter 5114 determines:
– in the case of chip undercutting, the distance at which the bit must stop in relation to the last point
reached when re-entering the hole after undercutting.
– in the case of chip breaking, how much the bit must back off between one cut and the next for drilling