Sinumerik Mill Program – Absolute Dimensions Commands G90 AC

G90 Absolute Dimensions or Absolute Programming is Modal G-code. Siemens Sinumerik provides AC (non-modal absolute dimensions) command to access individual axis absolute position.

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Absolute Dimensions (Absolute Programming)

With Absolute dimensions or Absolute programming, the programmed position always refer to the zero point of the currently valid coordinate system (workpiece-zero-point).

Following cnc program example shows the use of following Siemens Sinumerik commands,

  • G90 Modal Absolute Dimensions command
  • AC Non-modal Absolute Dimensions command

Absolute Dimensions Program Example

Sinumerik Mill Program

Sinumerik Mill Program

N10 G90 G0 X45 Y60 Z2 T1 S2000 M3	; Modal Absolute dimensions active
N20 G1 Z-5 F500
; circular interpolation, circle center point in absolute dimensions.
N30 G2 X20 Y35 I=AC(45) J=AC(35)
N40 G0 Z2
N50 M30

As Non-modal absolute dimensions (AC) are possible for spindle positioning (SPOS, SPOSA) and interpolation parameters (I, J, K).
So this program use AC non-modal absolute dimensions command to access circle center point dimensions.