CNC Mill Example Program G01 G02 G03 G90 G91

A cnc mill program for cnc machinists programmers, who have started to learning basic cnc programming techniques.

CNC Mill Example Program

CNC Mill Example Program G1 G2 G3 G90 G91

CNC Program

N40 G90 G00 X0 Y0
N50 G01 X-10 Y-20 R8         (P1)
N60 G01 X-50 R10             (P2)
N70 Y10                      (P3)
N80 X-19.97 Y25.01           (P4)
N90 G03 X7.97 Y38.99 R18     (P5)
N100 G01 X30 Y50             (P6) 
N110 G91 X10.1 Y-10.1        (P7)
N120 G90 G02 X59.9 Y20.1 R14 (P8)
N130 G01 X70 Y10             (P9)
N140 Y-20 R10                (P10)
N150 X50                     (P11)
N160 G03 X30 R10             (P12)
N170 G01 X10 R8              (P13)
N180 X0 Y0

G M S T Codes Explanation

G00Rapid traverse
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation CW
G03Circular interpolation CCW
G90Absolute command
G91Increment command