Learn CNC Programming Step by Step

This is a complete cnc programming & machining guide which can be used as reference. CNC program example are given with full cnc part-program codes and with full descriptions.

Introduction to CNC Machine

Introduction to cnc machine and cnc machine main parts, every cnc machine part is very briefly described, there is also an exercise which will test how many cnc machine parts you might identify correctly.

CNC Machine Operating Modes & Controls

Every cnc machine has several modes of work, if cnc machine operator want to run a cnc machine part-program he have to select Automatic-mode, if operator want to move axis manually he have to select Jog-mode. There are multiple mode a CNC machine have, below are articles which briefly describe every cnc machine mode and it’s function.

CNC Machine Operating


CNC Programming Getting Started

CNC Programming Basics

Basic Program Examples CNC Lathe

G-Code Programming

CNC Mill Programming Examples

Canned Cycle Programming

CNC Lathe Canned Cycles

G20 Turning Cycle

G90 Turning Cycle

G94 Facing Cycle

G71 Turning Cycle

G72 Facing Cycle

G73 Pattern Repeating Cycle

G74 Peck Drilling Cycle

G75 Grooving Cycle

CNC Threading Codes

G32 G33

G76 Threading Cycle

G78 Threading Cycle

G92 Threading Cycle

CNC Mill Cycles

G73 High Speed Peck Drilling Cycle

G74 Left-hand Tapping Cyclce

G76 Fine Boring Cycle

G81 Drilling Cycle

G82 Drilling Cycle

G83 Peck Drilling Cycle

G84 Tapping Cycle


G86 Boring Cycle

Subprogram Tutorials