Free Web based CNC Training for Sinumerik

With Sinumerik Operate online training, beginners and advanced learners are now provided with an online training program for ShopMill and ShopTurn.

Sinumerik Webbase Training

Sinumerik Webbase Training

It enables them to learn how to use the workshop-compatible operating and user interface for CNC milling and turning quickly. The training program is divided into seven sections. Sections one to five contain information about the general principles for working with the software. Sections six and seven can then be used to interactively carry out the necessary steps for creating the work plans for the illustrated workpieces. Finally, users can test their knowledge in a multiple-choice quiz and are awarded a certificate if they answer 70 percent of the questions correctly.

Learn more about SINUMERIK Operate with the brand new webbased training.

Free Web based CNC Training Link

Webbased training “Easy Milling and Turning”


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