Milltronics Centurion 7 G Code List

Milltronics Centurion 7

Complete listing of Milltronics Centurion 7 Preparatory Functions (G CODES).

Milltronics Centurion 7 Preparatory Functions (G CODES) are used if cnc operator is programming the Centurion 6/7 in the text mode or MDI mode. They are also generated from Centurion conversational programs.

If you are planning to use text mode of programming, pay close attention to these Centurion codes.

Milltronics Centurion 7

Milltronics Centurion 7

Milltronics Centurion 7 G-Code

G Code     Function
G00          Rapid Positioning
G01          Linear interpolation
G02          Circular/helical interpolation CW
G03          Circular/helical interpolation CCW
G04          Dwell
G09          Exact stop
G10          Set data on
G11           Set data off
G12          Clear floating zero
G17          XY plane
G18          XZ or ZX plane
G19          YZ plane
G20          Inch input
G21          Metric input
G22          Safe zone check on
G23          Safe zone check off
G24          Circular pocket clear
G25          Circular finish inside
G26          Circular finish outside
G28-G30  Reference point return
G31           Z to clearance
G32           Z to tool change
G33           Facing cycle
G34           Rectangular pocket clear
G35           Rectangular finish inside
G36           Rectangular finish outside
G39           Threading mill cycle
G40          Cutter compensation cancel
G41           Cutter compensation left
G42           Cutter compensation right
G43           H offset added
G44           H offset subtracted
G45           Auto cutter compensation left
G46           Auto cutter compensation right
G47          Auto cutter compensation off
G49          Cancel H offset
G50          Scaling cancel
G51           Scaling set
G52           Local coordinate system set
G53           Machine coordinate system
G54           Work coordinate 1 system (G540…G549)
G55-G59  Work coordinate 2-6 system (G5#0…G5#9)
G60           Single direction positioning
G61           Exact stop mode
G63           Tapping mode
G64          Cutting mode
G65          Non-movement / Program Call
G68          Set rotation
G69          Cancel rotation
G70         Cancel mirror
G71          Set mirror
G72          Bolt hole routine
G73          High speed peck drilling cycle (Woodpecker)
G74          Left hand tapping
G75          Counter bore
G76          Fine bore
G77          Custom drill cycle
G78          Manual bore
G79          Custom drill cycle
G80          Cancel canned cycle
G81           Drill
G82          Drill/dwell
G83          Peck/drill
G84          Right-hand tapping
G85          Bore
G86          Fast bore
G87          Back bore
G88          Hard tap
G89          Bore/dwell
G90          Absolute dimension
G91           Incremental dimension
G92          Work coordinate chg. (Set fl. zero)
G93          Inverse time feed mode
G94          Feed per minute
G95          Feed per revolution
G98          Canned cycle initial level return
G99          Canned cycle R point level return
G271        Pocket Clear
G666        Polygon Circle
G990        Store parameters
G991        Read parameters
G995        Read byte parameters
G996        Set byte parameters
G997        Force error
G998        Beep

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