Sinumerik Alarm 25070 Axis %1 drift value too large

Sinumerik Alarm 25070 Axis %1 drift value too large

%1 = Axis name, spindle number

Only in FM-NC with analog drives! The permissible maximum value of drift (internal, integrated drift value of automatic drift compensation) has been exceeded during the last compensation operation. The permissible maximum value is defined in the axis-specific machine data 36710 DRIFT_LIMIT. The drift value itself is not limited. Automatic drift compensation: MD 36700 DRIFT_ENABLE=1 The difference between actual and setpoint position (drift) is checked cyclically in the IPO cycle when the axes are at zero speed. The difference is compensated automatically to zero by slowly integrating an internal drift value. Drift compensation by hand: MD 36700 DRIFT_ENABLE=0 A static offset can be added to the speed setpoint in the machine data 36720 DRIFT_VALUE. This is not included in the drift monitoring because it acts like a voltage zero offset.

– Alarm display.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department. Adjust the drift compensation with the automatic drift compensation switched off at the drive until the position lag is approximately zero. Then reactivate the automatic drift compensation in order to balance out the dynamic drift changes (effects of heating up).

Program Continuation:
Clear alarm with the Delete key or NC START.


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Sinumerik Alarm 25070 Axis %1 drift value too large