Sinumerik Alarm 15110 Channel %1 block %2 REORG not possible

Sinumerik Alarm 15110 Channel %1 block %2 REORG not possible

%1 = Channel number
%2 = Block number, label

In order to synchronize the preprocessing run and the main run with REORG, the control accesses modification data which are maintained in a logfile. The alarm indicates that no more capacity is available in the logfile for the specified block in the channel. The alarm message means that the logfile has been deleted in order to obtain additional memory for program reorganization. Consequently, it is no longer possible to REORG the preprocessing memory up to the next coincidence point.

– Alarm display.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department. No remedial measures are available for the further execution of the current NC program, however:
1. Reduce log file size requirement by: Reducing the distance between the preprocessing and the main run via appropriate preprocessing stops STOPRE.
2. The logfile should be increased in size by means of the channel-specific data: Modify MD 28000: MM_REORG_LOG_FILE_MEM and Modify MD 28010: MM_REORG_LUD_MODULES
A change in these machine data also causes a reallocation of the NCK user memory and the standard machine data are then loaded. Unless a data save is performed, there will be a LOSS OF DATA!

Program Continuation:
Alarm display showing cause of alarm disappears. No further operator action


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Sinumerik Alarm 15110 Channel %1 block %2 REORG not possible