Makino Pro 3 M Codes (Fanuc 16i/18i)

Makino Professional 3 CNC Control (Makino Pro 3) M Code list for cnc machinists who work on CNC machines with Makino Pro 3 (Fanuc 16i/18i ) CNC controls.

Makino Pro 3 CNC Control

Makino Pro 3 M Codes

Standard M Codes

M CodeDescription
M000Program Stop
M001Optional Stop
M002End Of Program
M003Spindle Start In Cw Direction
M004Spindle Start In Ccw Direction
M005Spindle Stop
M006Automatic Tool Change
M007Mist Coolant Or Air Blow On
M008Nozzle Coolant On
M009Coolant Off
M015Index Table Ccw Rotation
M019Spindle Orientation
M021X Axis Mirror Image On
M022Y Axis Mirror Image On
M023Mirror Image Off
M029Unconditional Power Out
M030End Of Program & Rewind
M048M49 Mode Cancel
M049Feed Rate Override Cancel
M057Tool Number Registering Mode On
M058M59 Mode Cancel
M059Spindle Speed Override Cancel
M068No. 2 M-code Designation
M098Sub-program Access
M099Return To Main Program

4th Axis (Full Rotary)/5th Axis

M CodeDescription
M010NC Rotary Table Clamp
M011NC Rotary Table Unclamp
M0125th Axis Clamp
M0135th Axis Unclamp
M0164th Axis Mirror Image On

Block Skip

M CodeDescription
M140Automatic Block Skip On
M141Automatic Block Skip Off
M142Block Skip Return
M1460° Surface Ready Control
M14790° Surface Ready Control
M148180° Surface Ready Control
M149270° Surface Ready Control
M150Block Skip (2 To 9) Off
M152Block Skip 2 On
M153Block Skip 3 On
M154Block Skip 4 On
M155Block Skip 5 On
M156Block Skip 6 On
M157Block Skip 7 On
M158Block Skip 8 On
M159Block Skip 9 On

Coolant and Chip Control

M CodeDescription
M007Mist Coolant Or Air Blow On
M008Nozzle Coolant On
M009Coolant Off
M026Through Spindle Coolant On
M027Tap Oil.(Mist, Jet) On
M028Through Tool Air On
M077Through Spindle Air On
M096Through Tool Coolant On
M097High Power Coolant On
M301Coolant And Spdl Pause And Store
M308Coolant And Spindle, Recover
M312Coolant Stop And Store
M313Coolant Recover
M740Spiral Chip Conveyor Off
M741Spiral Chip Conveyor On
M742Oil Skimmer Off
M743Oil Skimmer On
M752Mist Coolant On
M753Work Clean Cool Or Clean Air On
M754Base Coolant On
M755TELSCO Coolant On
M756Air Blow On
M757TELSCO Coolant Off
M758Work Clean Cool Or Clean Air Off

Pallet Changer

M CodeDescription
M051M52 Mode Cancel
M052Auto. Unload Inhibit Mode At ALM
M060Pallet Change
M061Pallet Change
M062Pallet Change
M063Pallet Change
M064Pallet Change
M065Pallet Change
M066Pallet Change
M067Pallet Change
M078Revolv Light1 On No Ready Pallet
M079Revolv Light2 On No Ready Pallet
M080Pallet Change
M084Pallet 1 Load Check
M095Pallet 2 Load Check
M600Pallet Change

Spindle Control

M CodeDescription
M003Spindle Start In CW Direction
M004Spindle Start In CCW Direction
M005Spindle Stop
M019Spindle Orientation
M058M59 Mode Cancel
M059Spindle Speed Override Cancel
M135Rigid Tap Mode On
M301Coolant And Spdl Pause And Store
M308Coolant And Spindle, Recover
M310Spindle Stop And Store
M311Spindle Recover

Measuring Systems

M CodeDescription
M014BTS Arm Advance
M018BTS Arm Retract
M020BTS Check
M433BTS LS300 Off Check
M032Tool Length Auto Measuring Mode
M033Tool Length Circuit Check
M036Prior Tool Check Mode
M037Tool Data Register Mode Off
M920Tool Length Measuring Registration
M921Tool Diameter Measuring Registration
M922M920, M921 Addition Mode
M031Work Automatic Measuring Mode
M034Auto Measure & Call Of Spare Tool
M035Auto Measure & Pallet Unloading
M085Auto Measuring Approach Mode
M086Auto Measuring Fast Feed Mode
M747Measuring Head Cleaning Air On
M748IMM Cleaning Air Unconditional On
M749IMM Cleaning Air Unconditional Off
M750IMM Cleaning Air On
M751IMM Cleaning Air Off
M910Work Auto. Measuring M31 Mode Cancel
M911MP7 Measuring Head Alarm Check
M941MP7 Measuring Head Check
M949Work Measure System Is Abnormal (Machining Restart)
M957Work Measure System Is Abnormal (Machining Abnormal)
M961External Skip Mode Off
M962External Skip Mode On

Tool Data Management M Codes

M CodeDescription
M233Tool Data Dump
M234Print Out Tool Data
M932INT Data Register Mode On
M933Tool Type Data Register Mode On
M934Tool Alarm Data Register Mode On
M935Tool Status Data Register Mode On
M936Tool Size Data Register Mode On
M975Tool Kind Data Register Mode On
M979Air Blow Time Data Register Mode On

Tool Monitoring (AC, SL, and TL)

M CodeDescription
M038AC, SL Value Temporary Alter Mode On
M039AC, SL Value Temporary Alteration
M040TL Remain. Data Register Mode On
M041SL Coefficient Setting 125%
M042SL Coefficient Setting 150%
M043SL Coefficient Setting 200%
M044SL, AC Coefficient 0%
M046SL Data Register Mode On
M047AC Data Register Mode On
M050AC Coefficient 100%, Sl Coefficient 200%
M094Tool Data Delete Mode On
M469TL Alarm Suspension Mode On
M930Tool Life Data Register Mode On
M931Tool Remain Data Register Mode On
M934Tool Alarm Data Register Mode On

Spare Tool

M CodeDescription
M053Tool Offset Data Register Mode
M054Tool Offset Minus Regist. Mode
M056Tool Offset Data Transfer Command
M093Spare Tool Register Mode On
M094Tool Data Delete Mode On
M105Direct Spare Tool Change
M106Direct Spindle Tool Change Inhibit Mode
M107Direct Spindle Tool Change Permit Mode

Acoustic Emission

M CodeDescription
M090AE Function Off
M091AE Mode
M092AE Small Diameter Tool Mode (Less Than 5 mm)

GI/SGI M Codes

M CodeDescription
M250GI/SGI Standard Mode
M251GI/SGI High Speed Mode
M252GI/SGI High Accuracy Mode
M253GI/SGI Special Mode

User I/O M Codes

M CodeDescription
M580User I/O M Code
M581User I/O M Code
M582User I/O M Code
M583User I/O M Code
M584User I/O M Code
M585User I/O M Code
M586User I/O M Code
M587User I/O M Code

Remote Control Nozzle

M CodeDescription
M801Remote Control Nozzle Position 1
M802Remote Control Nozzle Position 2
M803Remote Control Nozzle Position 3
M804Remote Control Nozzle Position 4
M805Remote Control Nozzle Position 5
M806Remote Control Nozzle Position 6
M807Remote Control Nozzle Position 7
M808Remote Control Nozzle Position 8
M809Remote Control Nozzle Position 9
M810Remote Control Nozzle Position 10
M811Remote Control Nozzle Position 11
M812Remote Control Nozzle Position 12
M813Remote Control Nozzle Position 13
M814Remote Control Nozzle Position 14
M815Remote Control Nozzle Position 15
M816Remote Control Nozzle Position 16
M817Remote Control Nozzle Position 17
M818Remote Control Nozzle Position 18
M819Remote Control Nozzle Position 19
M820Remote Control Nozzle Position 20
M821Remote Control Nozzle Position 21
M822Remote Control Nozzle Position 22
M823Remote Control Nozzle Position 23
M824Remote Control Nozzle Position 24
M825Remote Control Nozzle Position 25
M826Remote Control Nozzle Position 26
M827Remote Control Nozzle Position 27
M828Remote Control Nozzle Position 28
M829Remote Control Nozzle Position 29
M830Remote Control Nozzle Position 30
M831Remote Control Nozzle Position 31
M832Remote Control Nozzle Position 32
M833Remote Control Nozzle Position 33
M834Remote Control Nozzle Position 34
M835Remote Control Nozzle Position 35
M836Remote Control Nozzle Position 36
M837Remote Control Nozzle Position 37
M838Remote Control Nozzle Position 38
M839Remote Control Nozzle Position 39
M840Remote Control Nozzle Position 40
M841Remote Control Nozzle Position 41
M842Remote Control Nozzle Position 42
M843Remote Control Nozzle Position 43
M844Remote Control Nozzle Position 44
M845Remote Control Nozzle Position 45
M846Remote Control Nozzle Position 46
M847Remote Control Nozzle Position 47
M848Remote Control Nozzle Position 48
M849Remote Control Nozzle Position 49
M850Remote Control Nozzle Position 50
M851Remote Control Nozzle Position 51
M852Remote Control Nozzle Position 52
M853Remote Control Nozzle Position 53
M854Remote Control Nozzle Position 54
M855Remote Control Nozzle Position 55
M856Remote Control Nozzle Position 56
M857Remote Control Nozzle Position 57
M858Remote Control Nozzle Position 58
M859Remote Control Nozzle Position 59
M860Remote Control Nozzle Position 60
M861Remote Control Nozzle Position 61
M862Remote Control Nozzle, 1 Back & Forth Movement
M863Remote Control Nozzle, Contin. Back & Forth Movement
M870Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 1
M871Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 2
M872Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 3
M874Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 5
M875Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 6
M876Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 7
M877Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 8
M878Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 9
M879Remote Control Nozzle User Set Position 10

Maintenance M Codes

The potential for injury or damage exists when using Maintenance M codes. Try using the PMC Maintenance screen functions first, as they are interlocked to prevent damage.

M CodeDescription
M664Maintenance M Function (Pot Tool Clamp)
M665Maintenance M Function (Pot Tool Unclamp)
M666Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm 180° CW)
M667Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm 180° CCW)
M680Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm 60° CW)
M681Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm 60° CCW)
M682Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm In)
M683Maintenance M Function (ATC Arm Out)
M684Maintenance M Function (Spindle Tool Clamp)
M685Maintenance M Function (Spindle Tool Unclamp)
M686Maintenance M Function (Pot Vertical)
M687Maintenance M Function (Pot Horizontal)
M698Maintenance Mode Off
M699Maintenance Mode On

Miscellaneous (3 Digit) M Codes

M CodeDescription
M1460° Surface Ready Control
M14790° Surface Ready Control
M148180° Surface Ready Control
M149270° Surface Ready Control
M192EFIN Cancel Mode Off
M193EFIN Cancel Mode On
M230Program Registration Mode Of Machine Parameters
M231Program Output Of Machine Parameters
M232Print Out Of Machine Parameters
M235Send Machining End To Host
M302Confirmation of M303, M304 Operation Finish
M303Spindle Forward Command Return Already Complete
M304Spindle Reverse Command Return Already Complete
M307Coolant And Spindle Stop And Store
M315Oilmatic Off
M316Oilmatic On
M318Orientation Setting Stop Position External
M325Contouring Mode Off
M326Contouring Mode On
M390Spindle Tool Clamp
M391Spindle Tool Unclamp
M392Preparation Fro Spindle Tool Unclamp
M417Confirm Pallet No. 1 On Machine Table
M418Confirm Pallet No. 2 On Machine Table
M419FIN A Confirm Of Pallet On Machine Table
M430Pallet Stick Check
M462Send Out Pallet No
M478Record Machining Finish Time
M479Record Machining Start Time
M601B Axis Index Program End
M602DNC Program End (One Touch Function)
M603Tool Shunt End (One Touch Function)
M645Spindle Tool Alarm Set And Spindle Tool Change
M710Mist Colletor Off
M711Mist Colletor On
M712Turn Off Through Spindle Air
M736Machine Light On
M737Machine Light Off
M925M926 Mode Cancel
M926LC Ring Sensor Observation Mode