G28 Reference Point Return – CNC Lathe

G28 Reference Point Return

G28 reference point return G-code is used to approach the reference point via an intermediate position.
The intermediate position can be specified absolute X, Z or relative U, W.

What is reference point read CNC Zero Return or Reference Point Return

During G28 reference point return command machine,
first reaches intermediate-point rapidly (G00),
then it moves rapidly to reference-point position.


G28 X(U) Z(W)

X, Z absolute intermediate point position.
U, W incremental intermediate point position.


For following exmaples suppos actual referece-point position on your machine is X330 and Z529.

Example 1

G28 U0 W0

the machine will directly move to reference-point (as no intermediate point is given).

G28 Reference Point Return G28 U0 W0

G28 Reference Point Return G28 U0 W0


Example 2

G28 X100 Z100

the machine will first move to intermediate position X100 Z100

and then will move to reference-point.

G28 Reference Point Return

G28 Reference Point Return