Haas Parameter 266 X SWITCH B – Haas Mill

Haas Parameter 266 X SWITCH B – Haas Mill

Parameter 266 is a collection of single-bit flags used to turn servo related functions on and off. The left and right cursor arrows are used to select the function being changed. All values are 0 or 1 only. The function names are:

  • 0 X LIN SCALE EN – Enables linear scales for the X axis.
  • 1 X INVRT LN SCL – Inverts the X-axis linear scale.
  • 2 DSBL SCALE Z – Disables the linear scale Z test.
  • 3 X ZERO AXIS TC – Returns axis to the position specified by the Tool Change Offset parameter prior to a tool change. On mills with a gimbaled spindle, this bit must be set to 1 on the A and B axes (Parameter 269 and 270) and 0 on all other axes.
  • 4 X 2ND HOME BTN – Moves axis to coordinate specified in Work Offset G129.
  • 5 X NEG COMP DIR – Negates the direction of thermal compensation.
  • 6 X DELAY AXIS 0 – Used with an APL to ensure X-axis is zeroed before A-axis of APL
  • 7 X MAX TRAVEL INP – This bit is set to 1 on five axis machines. This bit indicates that there is a switch (visible through MOCON) that detects if the axis has rotated all the way round. It is used to tell the control to skip the first zero switch when zeroing so it can unwrap the cables.
  • 8 LINEAR SCALE MOTOR ZERO – When set to 1, this bit causes zeroing with the rotary motor instead of the rotary scales. Normally set to zero.
  • 9 X TEMP SENSOR – Performs Ballscrew Thermal Compensation via a temperature sensor attached to the ball nut. When this bit is set to 1, the feature is activated for that axis. Note that this feature can only be used when temperature sensors are installed.
  • 12 AMP DECODE – Specifies how amplifier alarms are generated. 0 indicates an old model amplifier; 1 indicates a smart amplifier.
  • 16 SCALE Z HIST – For Haas diagnostic use only.
Haas Parameter 266 X SWITCH B – Haas Mill