Haas CNC G71 Bolt Hole Arc Command Example Program

CNC program example code for the G71 Bolt Hole Arc command.

G71 bolt hole arc command makes it easy to drill/tap/bore evenly spaced holes in an arc.

Canned cycles G73, G74, G76, G77, or G81-G89 can be used with G71 bolt hole arc G-code.

G71 Bolt Hole Arc Format

G71 I J K L
I – Radius of the bolt hole arc
J – Starting angle of first hole ( 0 to 360° CCW from horizontal at the 3 o’clock position).
K – Angular spacing between holes (+ or -)
L – Number of evenly spaced holes around bolt hole arc.

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G71 Bolt Hole Arc Programming Example

G71 Bolt Hole Arc Example Program

G71 Bolt Hole Arc Example Program

N10 T2 M06
N20 G90 G54 G00 X2. Y-1.5
N30 S1451 M03
N40 G43 H02 Z1. M08
N50 G81 G99 Z-0.45 R0.1 F8. L0
N60 G71 I1.0 J15. K30. L7
N70 G80 G00 Z1. M09
N80 G53 G49 Z0. M05
N90 M30