Haas Alarm: 124 LOW BATTERY

Alarm: 124 LOW BATTERY

Haas Alarm Description:
Memory batteries need replacing within 30 days. This alarm is only generated at power on and indicates that the 3.3V Lithium battery is below 2.5 volts. If this is not corrected within about 30 days, you may lose your stored programs, parameters, offsets, and settings. Back up memory before replacing the battery as follows: Mill version 15 software and Lathe version 8 or earlier: Go to the position page, type a file name, then press F2 to save parameters, offsets, and settings onto a floppy or USB device. Mill 16 and Lathe 9 or later: Go to List Programs, select the USB Device or NET drive tab, press F4, highlight Save All- Back Up, and press Write/Enter.


  1. Haas Alarms PDF by Haas Automation, Inc.
Haas Alarm: 124 LOW BATTERY