Haas Alarm: 114 SHUTTLE OUT FAULT – Haas Mill


Haas Alarm Description:
Tool changer is not completely to the left. During a tool changer operation the tool in/out shuttle failed to get to the out position. Parameters 62 and 63 can adjust the time-out times. Verify parameters 62 and 63 are set to Haas specifications. This alarm can be caused by anything that jams the motion of the slide, the presence of a tool in the pocket facing the spindle (not when moving away from the spindle), a loss of power to the tool changer. Check the shuttle arm clutch for wear. Check shuttle motor for rotation during tool change. Check motor brushes and test for power at motor. Check relays K9-K12 on and fuse F1 on I/O PCB.
Recover: Make sure shuttle is clear to move away from the spindle. Place something soft under the spindle to catch a tool, which may fall. Press ZERO RET, then ALL to manually move shuttle to the left.


  1. Haas Alarms PDF by Haas Automation, Inc.
Haas Alarm: 114 SHUTTLE OUT FAULT – Haas Mill