Seco Tools – PCD Drills for Composite Materials [video]


With the PCD drill ranges CX1 and CX2 Seco tools is taking the next step in the development of tools for machining composite materials.

The new PCD technology improves tool life, productivity and hole quality (the special geometry prevents delamination and uncut fiber). This will give you high quality holes and reduce your machining time.

The CX1 geometry reduces the need for extra work as delamination and uncut fiber is minimised, while the CX2 geometry is the best solution when drilling stacked material. The standard 30° helix angle secures the chip/dust evacuation. The sharpness and excellent dimensional tolerance, together with the cutting edges made of PCD, improve work piece quality in terms of surface finish and hole tolerances.

The full potential and value of PCD drills over conventional drilling can be seen in enhanced productivity and tool life. For full cost efficiency, a reconditioning service is available for all Seco PCD tools.

The CX1 and CX2 are available in stock standard range between 3,26 up to 9,53. Other dimensions are available on request.