Okuma Alarm-P 0814 MCS data file corrupt

Okuma Alarm-P 0814 MCS data file corrupt
When the power was supplied, an error occurred in reading or transferring the servo link data file.
Or, the data file includes abnormal data.

[axis name] [device name] [file name] or none

X: Axis kind; Y: Rough classification; ZZ: Minute classification; AAAA: Data
X:1= NC-controlled axis

2= spindle
3= PLC-controlled axis

Y:0= Error in reading servo data file

01= Error occurred in retrieval of the file. AAAA=error code

AAAA indicates that the data file does not exist at 000B: or the required axis data does not exists in the file.

02= File attribute is not contiguous.
03= File is not in OSP format.
04= File opening error. AAAA=error code
05= File data reading error. AAAA=error code
06= File does not start with “PBU1”.
07= File name is not followed by “M1”.
08= The relevant axis data has exceeded the maximum number of data sets stored in the file before the specified number of data sets are transferred.
09= File closing error. AAAA=error code
0A= A set of data size is larger than 8 sectors. AAAA=number of data sectors
0B= Data reading error. AAAA=error code
0C= The data file does not contain the previously specified number of data sets.
0D= The data serial number does not match.
0E= The data type does not match.
0F= The whole number of data sets does not match.
10= File closing error. AAAA=error code
11= Servo data does not exist in the file where NC axis data exists.

Y:1= Error in checking servo data file

01= The NC axis data file of NC axis control for heavy workpiece specification is not found.
02= Axis specification (rotary or limited) or unit system does not match. AAAA=axis specification data
03= Acceleration/deceleration method does not match.
04= Inductosyn is not provided.
05= The number of data sets is abnormal (the number of spindle data sets is not within 1 to 32). AAA=the number of data sets
06= The speed-time constant characteristic data includes faulty data with reversed inequality.

AAAA=Two high-order digits show the axis number while low-order digits are the error content.
High-order AA:

00-> X-axis
01-> Y-axis
02-> Z-axis
03-> 4th axis
04-> 5th axis

Low-order AA:

11-> FT1max=0
12-> FT1max FT1max=FT1min and T1max FT1max>FT1min and T1max FT2max=0 (FT2max is determined by internal calculation.)
22-> FT2max FT2max=FT2min and T2max FT2max>FT2min and T2max

AAAA=00-> The servo data for the premium thread cutting mode is not found.

=01-> The operation result of the round-up acceleration exceeded the permissible value.

09= The number of slave axis of the spindle tandem control is not found.

The number of slave axis is four or more.

AABB: Set values of number of slave axis of the spindle tandem control in the axis data file.

Probable Faulty Locations
– Axis data file

Okuma Alarm-P 0814 MCS data file corrupt