Okuma Alarm-P 0757 MF-SAFETY Error

Okuma Alarm-P 0757 MF-SAFETY Error
An error was detected by the MF-SAFETY.



0x1000XXXX->CPU Exception was occurred in the MF-SAFETY

XXXX->Exception number

0x1100XXXX->NMI was occurred in the MF-SAFETY

XXXX->NMI code

bit15->An error was occurred
bit9 ->Voltage drop for CPU1
bit8 ->Watchdog timer overflow in CPU0
bit1 ->Voltage drop for CPU0
bit0 ->Watchdog timer overflow in CPU1

0x1200XXXX->CPU bus error was occurred in the MF-SAFETY


bit15->CPUID (0:CPU0, 1:CPU1)

0x130000XX->No response in CPU1 request

XX->CPU1 request number

0x170000XX->Normal process in the MF-SAFETY did not end within a specific period.

XX->End time of normal process (1bit=62.5us)

0x1800XXXX->An Error was detected by the MF-SAFETY

XXXX->Error Code

bit15->MFU I/O unit error
bit14->MFU I/O Bus parity error
bit12->Synchronization error
bit11->Wrongly set synchronous signal timing

0x19000000->Stack overflow in the MF-SAFETY CPU
0x1A00XXXX->Illegal address is in the label table

XXXX->Index of label table

0x1B000000->NC starts up with software update mode in the MF-SAFETY
0x1C0000XX->Mode setting is mismatch between NC and MF-SAFETY

XX->Mismatch location

01->MF-SAFETY mode setting is wrong
02->NC mode setting is wrong

Probable Faulty Locations
MF-SAFETY mode setting
NC mode setting
I/O unit in MFU

Measures to Take
Replace the MF-SAFETY unit
Replace the I/O unit in MFU
Switch(SW1) of the MF-SAFETY turns off
Update the MF-SAFETY software (safety logic)

Okuma Alarm-P 0757 MF-SAFETY Error