Okuma Alarm-P 0721 DeviceNet error

Okuma Alarm-P 0721 DeviceNet error
Error occurred on DeviceNet.


* : Channel number where the error occurred.
S : Sequence counter


XX Slave station MacID where the error occurred

YY Slave station

0x00 Normal or nonexistent slave station
0x46 Duplicate MacID error
0x48 Communication stop
0x49 Discrimination information was not compatible with scan list
0x4D Data size was not compatible with scan list
0x4E No response in the connection check.
0x4F Other slave stations are nonexistence on network
0x50 Idle condition
0x53 Error received in the connection check
0x54 Timeout occurred in the connection check
0x56 Turn into the idle mode
0x5B Bus off
0x5C Network power supply off
( XXXX became 0xFFFF,if its not caused by slave station, such as communication delay.)

ZZZZ Scanner error status

bit 0 Memory check error
bit 1 Scan list initialize error
bit 2 Scan list mismatch error(MacID)
bit 3 Scan list mismatch error(Input data)
bit 4 Scan list mismatch error(Output data)
bit 5 Duplicate MacID error
bit 6 Network power supply status error
bit 7 Memory parity error
bit 8 Input data reception error(single)
bit 9 Input data reception error(dowble)
bit10 Output data transmission error(single)
bit11 Output data transmission error(dowble)
bit12 Slave station communication delay error(single)
bit13 Slave station communication delay error(dowble)
bit14 Bus off
bit15 Diagnostic information access error

Probable Faulty Locations
1)Hardware failure
2)Software failure

Okuma Alarm-P 0721 DeviceNet error