Okuma Alarm-P 0700 NC start-up error

Okuma Alarm-P 0700 NC start-up error
An error occurred when NC started up.



0x10000000: NC Configuration read error
0x10003000: Spec code read error
0x20000000: ServoLink board initializing error
0x3XXX00YY: NC data file read error


0x002: HD backup status file
0x004: Parameter data file
0x008: Machine data file
0x010: PLC backup data file
0x020: PLC-HMI data file
0x040: Alarm History data file
0x080: PLC AXIS data pbu file
0x100: POT TOOL data pbu file (M/C only)
0x200: MOP TOOL Tool data file (M/C only)
0x400: MOP TOOL Parameter file (M/C only)
0x800: Thermal deviation compensation data file


0x01: File read open error
0x02: File read error
0x03: Version check error
0x04: Check sum error
0x05: Double check sum error
0x06: Backupped Memory error
0x07: File write open error
0x08: File write error
0x40000000: Axis information initializing error

-More than 8 axis

0x50000000: PLC data file read error

-Read failed M code data file

0x60000000: I/O Initializing error

-PLC variable backup file read error
-I/O forced data file read error

0x70000000: ServoLink Initializing error
0x80000000: Operation buffer get error
0x90000000: PBU data file read error
0xA0000000: Shared memory size definition error
0xA1XXXXXX: AlarmService start error

XXXXXX: Error code of AlarmService library function

0xA2400002: Alarm History read error
0xA3000000: Thread monitor initializing error
0xA9000000: Initialization processing of the safety logic was not completed within 20 seconds
0xA9000001: Axis construction definition file open error
0xA9000002: Axis construction definition file read error
0xA9000003: Axis construction definition file mismatch
0xFFFFFFFF: Debug information file read error
Okuma Alarm-P 0700 NC start-up error