Okuma Alarm-D 4179 MCS CON speed over

Okuma Alarm-D 4179 MCS CON speed over
Increments for positioning command (SRCOND) issued from the NC to the inverter unit exceed the allowable limit.
If this alarm occurs in the axis to be positioned, the servo data file has wrong data. (This is because the inverter unit calculates the increments for the axis to be positioned.)

Axis name or none (spindle)


Absolute value of increments processed for acceleration/deceleration [(pr/65536)/Tp]
Where, pr= One turn of position encoder; Tp= Position control frequency
The following codes, however, have specific meanings:
1: The increments were so large that they were judged erroneous in preliminary check.
2: The position command (SRCON) exceeds the absolute value of the encoder measuring range (linear axis only).

Probable Faulty Locations
– Servo data file
– NC software

Okuma Alarm-D 4179 MCS CON speed over