Okuma Alarm-D 4084 Virus has been detected.

Okuma Alarm-D 4084 Virus has been detected.
The Virus Protection System detected a virus and performed needed treatment.

Measures to Take
This alarm can be cleared by NC reset.
Please check scan history menu of VPS service screen.
It shows how VPS treated when virus was detected.
– Extermination

->Virus was removed from the file, and the file was restored correctly.

– Isolation

->You need to install that file again or decode it by the tool if you need isolated file.
About usage of the tool, please refer to VPS manual.

– Leaving

->Neither extermination nor isolation could be done.
If write-protected removable media (such as USB memory or floppy) included virus, VPS does no treatment when virus was detected. (VPS will exterminate or isolate virus when removable media is write-enable.)
The detected virus has no effect for this OSP, but it might be active on another OSP or PC.
If ‘Leaving’ occurred on write-enabled media, please contact your local service center.

The virus sometimes remains as ‘temporary internet files’ if it is detected on web browsing. In this case, you should delete ‘temporary internet files’.
Please refer to VPS manual for the procedure.

Okuma Alarm-D 4084 Virus has been detected.