Okuma Alarm-C 3715 ZB-axis overload

Okuma Alarm-C 3715 ZB-axis overload
The Z-axis of B turret has exceeded the overload limit value set at the load detection meter relay for more than the preset period.
Load detection meter relays are provided on the operation panel for individual axes.

Probable Faulty Locations
Program from the overload detection ON (M135) command block to the detection OFF (M134) command block, or the operations conducted by the commands in these blocks.
Program Example:

*N100 M135
N101 G01
*N199 M134

Overload detection is performed only during execution of the program section between the symbols “*”.

Measures to Take
Reduce depth of cut or other factors involved with cutting in the program to reduce load.

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Okuma Alarm-C 3715 ZB-axis overload