Okuma Alarm-C 3231 Program select

Okuma Alarm-C 3231 Program select
The NC failed to read the program specified by external program selection.

1->The selected program was not found.
2->The input signal of a program number other than 1 through 63 is turned on.
3->A program number was selected in a mode other than AUTO mode.
4->It did not choose program corresponding to workpiece.
5->Fixture 1/2 detection signal has turned it on both, Or it performed program selection by the condition which it has turned off both.
6->Program selection have been attempted during the execution of a main program or during the execution of a schedule program.

Probable Faulty Locations
1)The program designated for selection has not been registered.
2)Program selection is not possible.
Program Example:
Program not containing the M02 has been selected.

Measures to Take
The cause that the program selection was impossible is displayed at the scroll line on the CRT screen.
Take necessary measures depending on the cause indicated.

Related Specifications
External program selection A, B, C

Okuma Alarm-C 3231 Program select