Okuma Alarm-C 3207 DNC Start conditions

Okuma Alarm-C 3207 DNC Start conditions
DNC start conditions are not sufficient.

1->For buffer operation of protocol A in DNC-B, operation preparation is not completed yet.
2->For buffer operation of DNC-B, animation scale setting is not completed.
3->For buffer operation of DNC-B, program is not selected by Method B.
4->An attempt to conduct buffer operation after the completion of MDI operation.

Probable Faulty Locations
Operation error
Operation Example:The system has been started in the automatic mode but not in the animated display scale setting mode.
In the case of the NC program transmission method B (file name used), the file name must have been selected by the program selection operation before the start up.

Measures to Take
Select the program in accordance with the alarm code after resetting the NC in the automatic mode, or set the scale for animated display before starting the DNC mode operation.

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Okuma Alarm-C 3207 DNC Start conditions