Okuma Alarm-C 3139 MCS DD encoder (slave sensor) initialization failure

Okuma Alarm-C 3139 MCS DD encoder (slave sensor) initialization failure
An error occurred in the initialization of the DD encoder (slave sensor).

Axis name or none (spindle)


XX = Encoder link initialization sequence number (1B) at the time of the error detection

0: Reset
1: Network address setting
2: Request to send the basic information for communication
3: Change of communication software version
4: Acquisition of device information
5: Parameter change
6: Position detection start
7: AT mode start

YY = Error content (1B)

0: Communication error
1: Transmission start time over
2: Transmission finish time over
3: Reception finish time over
4: Abnormal response address
5: Abnormal response code
6: Parameter error

ZZZZ = Data (2B)

If YY = 0,

The encoder link error status C2ERR at the time of error detection appears.

If YY = 1, 2 or 3,

The transmitted frame information QC2MTINF appears.

If YY = 4,

The network address of the responding device appears.

If YY = 5,

Alarm code + positional data status
Refer to MCS DD Encoder error (alarm 1136).

If YY = 6,

Parameter number at which the error is detected
1: Reception of insufficient number of parameters
2: Basic information for communication being incompatible
3: Multi-turn detection range over
4: Communication protocol version being incompatible
5: Positional data format being incompatible
6: Abbreviated data mode being incompatible

However, when abnormal voltage is detected at the encoder fuse
XXYY = $FFFF fixed
ZZZZ = Detected voltage value of the encoder fuse (12[V] = $9980)

Normal range: 10.6[V] to 13.8[V]
Allowable range: $8800 to $B000

This alarm occurs only at ICB-H.

Probable Faulty Locations
DD encoder (slave sensor)
Encoder link cables and connectors
Inverter unit control board

Okuma Alarm-C 3139 MCS DD encoder (slave sensor) initialization failure