Okuma Alarm-B 2633 DNC-DT Preload error

Okuma Alarm-B 2633 DNC-DT Preload error
Buffering processing at the DNC-DT was abnormal.



100:Hardware error (hard disk, etc.)
6F->Insufficient buffer in TCP/IP driver
72->Abnormal description passed to TCP/IP driver
73->Abnormal parameter passed to TCP/IP driver
74->No free port in shared memory
75->Not connected
7B->abort disregarded
7D->ftp_ms_open abnormal end
7E->ftp_ms_close abnormal end
7F->ftp_ms_type abnormal end
80->ftp_ms_user abnormal end
81->ftp_ms_pass abnormal end
82->ftp_ms_acct abnormal end
83->ftp_ms_delete abnormal end
84->ftp_ms_fopen abnormal end
85->ftp_ms_fopen_uni abnormal end
86->ftp_ms_net_drecv_f abnormal end
87->ftp_ms_net_dsend_f abnormal end
88->ftp_ms_fclose abnormal end
89->ftp_ms_abort abnormal end
8A->ftp_ms_chdir abnormal end
8D->ftp_ms_pwd abnormal end
8F->ftp_ms_dopen abnormal end
90->ftp_ms_dread abnormal end
91->ftp_ms_dclose abnormal end
97->IP address error
98->No IP address
99->Interrupt due to timeout
9A->Connection cut from remote host
9B->OS (MORE) initialization abnormal end on TCP/IP board
9C->Packet driver or TCP/IP module initialization abnormal endon TCP/IP board
9F->FTP client module initialization abnormal end on TCP/IPboard
A0->Socket interface module initialization abnormal end on TCP/IP board
A1->TCP/IP board initialization abnormal end
10->Buffering task start up
20->Buffering processing initialization
30->Buffering request
40->Getting the number of buffering completion times
50->Taking the buffering file
60->Getting the remaining number of buffering file tables
70->Buffering stop
80->Buffering file lock cancel
90->Buffering request
A0->Buffering file lock cancel
B0->File transfer error
FF->Communication error
02->File not found
03->Buffering task not started
05->No transfer completed file
08->Buffering processing not initialized

Preceding buffering processing not completed

0D->Write-protected file
0E->Buffering task start-up parameter error
11->File already existing, buffering task already started
13->File device name error
16->Illegal initialization parameter,

Not started
Illegal program name
Okuma Alarm-B 2633 DNC-DT Preload error