Okuma Alarm-B 2496 CAM data cannot be transmitted.

Okuma Alarm-B 2496 CAM data cannot be transmitted.
The cam processing data cannot be transmitted to the PSC unit.
Or the cam compensation data cannot be received from the PSC unit.


1->It is not EXF or COF or CMF file.
2->It failed in reading the header information.
3->The head of the file cannot be detected.
4->The file version or the number of spindle P.G. pulses or the synchronous mode specification is wrong.
5->It failed in reading the command value.
6->The head of the command value cannot be detected.
7->The command value exceeds the limit.
8->It failed in reading the compensation value.
9->The head of the compensation value cannot be detected.
10->The header information cannot be written.
11->The command value cannot be written.
12->The compensation value cannot be written.
13->The file cannot be opened.
14->The file cannot be closed.
15->It executed it in FCALL excluding the EXF file.
16->It executed it in FCALLB excluding the COF or the CMF file.
17->It cannot be a transmission to the PSC unit.
18->It cannot be a transmission from the PSC unit.
19->The temporary file is not generable.
20->The file cannot be read.
21->The file cannot be written.
22->The checksum error was found.

Probable Faulty Locations
Error of cam processing data
Set mistake of parameter
Error of hardware

Measures to Take
Re-creation of cam processing data
Review of parameter setting

Okuma Alarm-B 2496 CAM data cannot be transmitted.