Okuma Alarm-B 2300 UGC TIF syntax

Okuma Alarm-B 2300 UGC TIF syntax
Illegal standard procedure statement (TIF statement) designated
TIF: Automatically generates tool interference check data based on the tool shape.
TIF [designation of tool interference check pattern, FZN, FZP, FXN, FXP]
Designation of tool interference check pattern: Specified by I for ID turning and by O for OD turning.
FZN, FZP, FXN, FXP: Used to specify the interference check range from the cutting edge datum point.

User graphic internal code

Probable Faulty Locations
TIF statement in the user graphic command string of registered tool shape.
Program Example: DEF TOOL [1,L]
TIP [[0, 0],[1,0],[0,1]]
TIF [M,5,5,0,]

Measures to Take
If there is no TIF statement, add TIF statement.
If there is TIF statement, check it; correct the TIF statement.
Correct program:
TIP [[0,0],[1,0],[0,1]]
TIF [0,5,5,0,]

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Okuma Alarm-B 2300 UGC TIF syntax