Okuma Alarm-B 2290 Program name not selected

Okuma Alarm-B 2290 Program name not selected
Program name is incorrectly designated. The program name* differing from the one presently executed is designated.
* Command O**** is executed.


Hexadecimal number of the ASCII code of four characters of the program name following address character O.

Probable Faulty Locations
Program sequence causing alarm
(Refer to program example on the following page.)
Program Example:
1)When calling a subprogram, designation of CALL is not made (same as in the case of MODIN).

N100 G00 	N100 G00
N110 G01 	N110 G01
N120 G00 	N120 G00
CALL O100 	O100
N130 G00 	N130 G00
Normal 		Alarm

If a sequence No. is designated prior to O100, other type of alarm occurs.(Alarm B 429 Unusable: direct of left)
2)For the program which has two beginning sequences, the command used for skipping the second program name is not designated. GOTO statement is not designated.

O100 		O100
G00 		G00
G00 		G00
GOTO N1 	O200<-An alarm occurs when this sequence is executed.
O200 		G00
G00 		G00
G00 		N1 G01
N1 G01 		G01
G01 :

Measures to Take
Do not execute the sequence which contains only a program name.

Related Specifications
User task 2

Okuma Alarm-B 2290 Program name not selected